HURRY! Swag Shop is now OPEN, for a limited time only

il mio papa
Just as I was about to give up on twitter as nothing other than a 100% time suck and purely a slothful activity, I found out that it can actual be productive. This picture popped up in my feed during morning coffee yesterday, creativity awakened, and I was soon encouraged to “do something.”
Although I immediately wanted one of these, I also realized how misleading the wording was. “My pope is Benedict,” while factually true, seems to leave room for people choosing who their pope is, like we see from the “resistance” and Deep Staters on their “not my president” kick. The question of who is true pope is not a matter of opinion, but rather of facts. The truth doesn’t depend on popular opinion or on the opinion of popular people. However, for what it’s worth, I’m told the man in the picture is the new Italian deputy prime minister.
So the first thing I had to replace was the wording. But I also couldn’t bear the image, so that had to be switched too. I think what I ended up with is far more classy, factually accurate, and flattering for the wearer. The black is so slimming, you know.
benedict shirt final 2
Oh yes, it’s real, but only for a very limited time. These puppies are being custom made, obviously, and I’m not holding any extra inventory. Swag Shop closes forever in 48 hours, at Noon Eastern Daylight Time, 19 June 2018.
Don’t miss out! What a great (belated) Father’s Day gift, eh? No?

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  1. Matteo Salvini, the person showing the “politically incorrect” T-shirt, is the head of Lega party (among the winners of latest political elections), and is the Minister of Interiors, not the PM.

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