Why God cannot make you “gay,” explained in five minutes

He starts with a brief synopsis of the three necessary moral conditions of conjugal union: Complementarity, fidelity and permanence, and openness to the transmission of life.
(pssst… that means sodomy between men is mortal sin, but so is sodomy between a husband and wife and so is contraception between husband and wife… note well)
He goes on to explain the only two rational ends of claiming God makes someone “gay”:

  • If God makes people gay, then He has started making human beings who possess a different nature than what was revealed to us throughout creation history. God changed the rules and didn’t tell us.

or else,

  • The natural laws of conjugal union are still in place, but God purposely creates people with a nature that is incompatible with the plan he has revealed.

Obviously, both of these are big fat NOPES. I could write 3000 words on this, but I’m out of time today.
The video really is only five minutes. Give it a listen.

One thought on “Why God cannot make you “gay,” explained in five minutes”

  1. When I converted to the Catholic Faith, trading the contraceptive life for openness to life has been by far the single most transformative aspect of my ongoing conversion. It has led to a truly revolutionary outlook with specific, fundamental, unforeseen consequences.
    My once small, but now large family is a direct result of my inner theological faith aligning with God’s desired culture.of.life in my exterior life, (choices). Our family is an expression of our faith that God will provide strength, health, resources to care for them all. I live as I believe.
    That is why it is so important for the Church to insist on the “Culture Of Life”, without apology. That is the essence of God. It is fundamental to the Christian Gospel. We love, because God First loved us.

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