“All who adhere to errors of this kind are to be shunned and to be punished as detestable and abominable infidels”

I’ve been into the quotation headlines lately, and I predict it will continue. This one comes to us from Pope Leo X, by way of HERE.

“…since truth never contradicts truth, we declare every assertion contrary to the truth of illumined faith to be altogether false; and, that it may not be permitted to dogmatize otherwise, we strictly forbid it, and we decree that all who adhere to errors of this kind are to be shunned and to be punished as detestable and abominable infidels who disseminate most damnable heresies and who weaken the Catholic faith.”
Fifth Lateran Council, Bull Apostolici RegiminisDenz. 738

Although the topic being treated therein is wholly different, I shall shamelessly apply it to my own ends.
Yesterday’s post proved quite popular, thanks to Frank Walker over at Canon212. The ongoing theme is the direct link between Amoris Laetitia and intercommunion, and this will be further developed as we flesh out the link between Amoris, intercommunion, Humanae Vitae, and sodomy. Oh yes, dear friends, I’m afraid the endgame is sodomy. False unity, through false transcendence; the doctrine remains as an ideal, but we are called to go BEYOND mere doctrine by discerning the “spirit” in order to perfect our conscience. Only then can we be properly disposed to share the Body with our less fortunate brethren, knowing that in certain cases it is God himself who wills the sacrilege.
You best learn well this angle of attack and know how to refute it.
Take a look at this post from Tancred over at Eponymous Flower, titled “The Connection Between Amoris Laetitia and Intercommunion:”

“…it is clear that there is a red thread connecting inter-communion with Amoris laetitia. On the one hand, in dogmatic questions, a primacy of life over doctrine is asserted and, at the same time, in moral questions a primacy of life over the object of action. In fact, the true life of faith needs clear instruction and moral life clear guidance as to whether an action is good or bad in itself. Otherwise, “a false primacy of a false life will result,” says Don Morselli.
It follows automatically that life can never be a lie. The lack of agreement of one’s own life with the truth, which can be seen from the objective nature of things, leads to “life lies.” It is true that life is greater and more than the principles of the councils. But it is equally true that without these “explanations and interpretations” no real Christian life is possible.
Therefore, there is no possible “communion” (society) with Jesus and the Church possible if communion is lacking in faith because of the lack of the necessary approval for doctrine. Don Morselli in reference to the words of Pope Francis:
“A gesture that expresses something false is not a, ‘life that is greater than explanations and interpretations,’ but a lie.”

Read the whole thing HERE.
It really just comes down to the “nature of things.” Truth, objective reality, metaphysics, ontology. Read a book. Augustine, Aquinas, Garrigou-Lagrange. We are talking about the fundamental underpinnings of the created universe being attacked. Everything is tied together.
You need to be grounded in the real.

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