Daylight Savings Time, a modernist construct

One of my favorite things I like to ask a self-professed “Progressive” is, “Just what is it exactly that we’re progressing towards, and how will we know when we get there?” The answer is always a fuzzy “better tomorrow” or “it’s for the children, you know” or “well if not progress, what else is there?” At the heart of every Progressive, whether he knows it or not, is abandonment of God in pursuit of a man-made earth-bound utopia.
Now I know many of you are thinking, isn’t Daylight Saving Time a rather trivial matter? Don’t we have bigger fish to fry? Like the apocalypse? Yes, yes, of course. But the attitude and worldview behind the concept of DST is noteworthy and informative. It’s a mindset that tries constantly to bend or destroy reality, which also happens to be the core tenant of Modernism.
You can do all the research into the origins of DST, but I would be willing to bet that at least one of its early proponents had no other motivation than devious mischief. As in, “Let’s force everyone to change their clocks. Let’s make it appear the sun is setting an hour later. As if we were really ‘changing’ the time. Let’s see if they go for it.”
Everything you need to know about DST can be summed up in two words: Woodrow Wilson. This disgusting darling of the progressive movement was one of DST’s earliest and most vocal proponents. Go do your research on Woody, will you? An extreme racist even by the standards of his day, he re-segregated entire governmental agencies decades after their successful integration during Reconstruction. At workplaces where physical segregation was logistically impractical, blacks were put in cages. I’m not making this up. He was a huge supporter of Eugenics, including forced sterilization. He used DOJ to prosecute political enemies. He instituted the income tax.
But I digress. After congress expressed the will of the people by voting twice to repeal DST, he vetoed the bills both times. There were enough votes to override the second veto, and we were rid of DST until… the hippie generation.
Think about it. God is now and always has been perfect, including when he brought the universe into being out of nothing and instituted the construct of time (wherein the physical movements of the former inform the measure of the latter). In order to advocate in favor of DST, what you’re basically saying is that the Creator of the universe didn’t quite get it right when he set it all in motion. It needs fixing. Thank goodness that modern man came along in the twentieth century and fixed it, see? Do you see how this mindset plays into every other area where modern culture thinks it needs to “improve” on reality? God didn’t quite get it right on marriage or gender either, right? The natural law doesn’t exist, right?
I live in Arizona, where DST is blessedly outlawed.

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  1. So glad someone said it!!!
    I have HIGHLY sensitive children. Do you have any idea what it’s like to get everyone in my house accliated and reacclimated to this stupidity every year?!?! Deliver us, O Lord!

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