Contraception, abortion, mass murder, long guns and tyranny

I give you the queen of irony, the very likely 2020 Democrat nominee for POTUS, with a pro-abort voting record rated 100% by NARAL, the junior senator from the great state of Californication, Kamala Harris.
Too bad she doesn’t know how right she is. Too bad she doesn’t know that the slaughter she tirelessly promotes is in fact a direct cause of the slaughter she abhors.
Do you understand the intrinsic connection between contraception and abortion? Do you understand how acceptance of abortion must invariably lead to the devaluing of all human life? There was a two page pamphlet put out in the wake of Columbine that explains it in five minutes HERE
This will only accelerate. Once God is out of the picture, everything goes. Even with massive (unlikely) reform of mental healthcare and the drugs that go with it, which would be a positive step, we are stil in deep trouble.
Also, do you understand that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with “hunting”, and is only secondarily concerned with personal self-defense? The Second Amendment is primarily aimed at ensuring an armed citizenry, as a counterweight to tyranny. The 20th century saw around 15 million conventional murders, but over 200 million deaths at the hands of tyrannical governments.  It’s not even close. It’s worth fighting for. A good article exploring the many aspects of the issue is HERE.
The next time someone whines, “why would anyone need an AR-15?” explain it to them. The next time someone wants to talk to you about “gun control,” explain to them that there are at least 30 million patriots who are willing to fight a civil war to safeguard the protections provided by 2A, to protect the citizenry against the threat of tyranny.
Explain to them that, at best, they are wasting their time.

4 thoughts on “Contraception, abortion, mass murder, long guns and tyranny”

  1. People have rejected God, for the most part because of their desire to indulge their appetites, especially their sexual appetites. When God goes, Government becomes god. You will never get through to any of these people because they look to Almighty Government for salvation. Government can do no wrong. It is for them an unexamined article of faith.
    Ave, divus Caesar!
    Things do seem to be coming full circle, don’t they? A reprise of the themes of the earliest days of Christianity.

  2. I’m a former military officer and a descendant of a founding father of this country. I am among the 30 million patriots you mentioned, fully armed and ready to battle the Marxists over control of this country. Our answer to any gun control bill is NO. Your move tyrant!

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