Magister: Make popcorn and watch the Francis embrace the Gaytivity

In case you don’t follow the sport Americans call soccer, “own goal” is a term refering to when a player unintentionally knocks the ball into his own net. Sandro Magister is out today with his top three own goals of Antipope Bergoglio. The first two relate to the financial scandal of Cardinal Maradiaga and Bergoglio’s ongoing fascination with a young Argentine bishop who seems to have a lot of… problems.
I’ve been meaning to comment on the “Vice Pope” (pun intended) ++Maradiaga scandal. The main aspect which jumps out at me, and seems to make the accusations that much more credible, is the sheer enormity of the theft. $40K USD per MONTH? There’s no way someone just makes up a story and attaches these kinds of numbers. And dare we ask where or what on earth could all that money be paying for? Certainly all manner of vice, but also all sorts of influence and favors from people well inclined toward influence and favors, if you know what I mean. ++Maradiaga turns 75 tomorrow; we’ll see if his retirement letter gets accepted at Roman Midnight.
The ++Maradiaga story broke the same day as Antipope Bergoglio’s annual Christmas beatdown of the curia. I can’t believe that was a coincidence. With this and everything else swirling around, one gets the sense that things might be starting to crumble for the Francis. Even his one-time supporters seem to have had enough. It brings to mind an interesting thought: Since the actual Catholics in the hiararchy don’t seem to be in much of a hurry to call out all the heresy, let alone to expose, discredit, depose and expunge the Bergoglian Antipapacy, could it in fact be the heretics and lavender mafia who do it? Hmmmm.
Anyway, the third own goal is the wretched, blasphemous nativity scene, currently polluting St. Peter’s square. As many others have written, it was created by a notorious “LBGTAEIOU” hotbed, and given the direct approal of you know who.

The shrine of Montevergine, in fact, hosts an image of the Blessed Mother – reproduced in the nativity scene of Saint Peter’s Square – that was adopted some time ago as patroness by a vast LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual), which once a year…makes a festive climb of the sanctuary by foot, called “juta dei femminielli,” the climb of the effeminates.
The town of Ospedaletto d’Alpinolo, from which the climb to the shrine departs, this year gave honorary citizenship to a married couple of homosexuals, inaugurated for the “femminielli” a “no gender” bathroom and put up a sign at the entrance to the town saying: “Ospedaletto d’Alpinolo is against homotransphobia and gender violence.”
It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Sannino should say he is convinced that a greater openness of the Church on the subject of homosexuality also depends on “how conscious” Vatican officials are of the connection between the nativity scene in Saint Peter’s Square and the LGBT community. “The Church is extremely slow in its transformations,” he added. “But we hope that the Church will finally develop a real sense of openness in the wake of the pope’s words: ‘Who am I to judge?’”.
Meanwhile, in this Christmas season, pilgrims and tourists who have come to Rome from all over the world are looking with visible bewilderment at the nativity scene set up in the middle of Bernini’s colonnade, and especially its chiseled “nude” who seems to be longing after something other than being dressed mercifully.
Like every year, on the evening of December 31, after the “Te Deum” Pope Francis will also appear before the nativity scene in Saint Peter’s Square, although it is not known “how conscious” he will be of the mess he has gotten himself into. And the LGBT community will certainly be very attentive to scrutinizing and interpreting every one of his gestures and expressions.

Do go read the whole thing HERE. It is quite fascinating.
I’ll have to give some thought as to the “how conscious” might be expressed. Gestures with the naked guy, or the angels with little boy butts boobs could be interesting, AMIRITE?
Lastly, Magister points out a part of the nativity scene that I haven’t seen anyone else comment on before now: The crumbling dome of St. Peter’s. It’s something I noticed right away, but being no expert in art, I thought it might be invoking something different from what it obviously apprears to be. Very, very interesting.
There seems to be this pressing force of anticipation right now. I can’t even describe what I mean, but if you feel it too, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Once all the dirt starts to come out, in a place where nearly everyone has something to hide, it’s going to get really ugly, really fast. Stay frosty.

One thought on “Magister: Make popcorn and watch the Francis embrace the Gaytivity”

  1. The little angels look absolutely terrified and miserable, too. As if they know what is going to happen to them…again.
    I think the “madonna” is the most blasphemous part of the whole thing. “Manly Mary” as someone put it. No breasts, a massive torso, arms like hams, huge shoulders, a thick neck, and seated in a “manspread” position, with her legs far apart, stretching out the fabric of “her” dress. Take a look.
    If you happened to see the clip of the feminist going after the Christ Child while the police were trying to restrain her, the contrast was especially vivid. The feminist was a pretty young woman, and the camera caught her directly in front of the false madonna. The contrast between the real woman’s delicate, graceful figure, and the ham-armed false madonna, could not have been made clearer.

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