Cardinal Müller: Trad blogs are half the problem

And the other half are heretics…

“The tensions in the Church arise from the contrast between an extremist traditionalist front on some websites, and an equally exaggerated progressive front which today seeks to credit themselves as super-papists.”

Leave aside for a moment the problem of calling out faithful Catholics as “equally” to blame with the heretics, and recognize the bigger news:  It’s the latest admission of the incredible, borderline miraculous impact of the tiny, tiny tradsphere on the evil empire. I’m not using that word lightly; a miracle – supernatural intervention – is exactly what is needed, and is probably the only means to remedy the entire situation. How many trad blogs would you say might exist in the world? In the English speaking world, it’s fewer than 20, right? How many in all other languages? Well, the “Warrior Ants” (h/t Mundabor) continue to punch way above their weight. At this point, there is probably an entire secret dicastery monitoring the enemy. The Pontifical Council for Integral Closeness to Deplorables on the Margins. Or some such.
Go read the longer excerpt at Rorate HERE. 
As has become his custom, Müller manages to play both sides multiple times in the span of two paragraphs. It seems clear there is signaling going on here, to some group or groups, but at some point the dear cardinal will indeed need to choose which side he is on.

2 thoughts on “Cardinal Müller: Trad blogs are half the problem”

  1. ++Müller is a quisling that both sides should avoid at all costs. He is certainly no traditional &, like many in the progressive camp, doesn’t accept the Creed in totality. He has also stated he goes to Confession once a year to fulfil his obligation. Is this the type of person who should be leading us, or even have a prominent position within Holy Mother Church?
    He was perfectly comfortable in serving under PF, making life difficult, if nigh impossible, for the SSPX until the Dubia Cardinals emerged to scupper his comfort. His response was to immediately discount their request for AL to be clarified by PF, saying they were out of line in making them public a year after they were sent to PF & himself as Prefect of the CDF & ignored by both. When ++Burke promised to issue a formal correction after Christmas last he again intervened citing the possibility of a schism, which has been growing since VII but widening at an enormous rate since the beginning of this pontificate. Now two of the Dubia Cardinals are dead & he, having abruptly lost his position in the CDF, is positioning himself for being elected the next pope.
    I pray that the more traditional-minded prelates will keep away from ++Müller & look for a firm follower of Christ & His Apostles the next time around, as the Bride of Christ is in tatters (as predicted) & needs faithful prelates to guide her back on course to the Bridegroom. Nothing less will do.

  2. Indeed Cardinal Muller is throwing his hat in the ring for the next conclave. But…..I’m not quite sure that he didn’t actually SAVE, or at the very least HELP save the SSPX from certain death under Francis. But, you are correct in this Ana, he is really no traditionalist. These are all ‘strategies’ that he’s using to gain the Papal Chair.

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