Don’t let fake news keep you away from the polls. Hurry, vote today!

The truth isn’t determined by popular opinion. Or as Chesterton famously said, “Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.” So don’t think that’s what I am getting at here.
There is a very interesting poll going on right now from The Timman over at Saint Louis Catholic. HERE He asks readers their opinion, given the available data, “Who is pope?” As of this writing, with 591 votes counted, an astonishing 73% admit to believing that Benedict is the one true living pope.  Talk about a silent majority!
Now, Tradland is small, but it’s not 591 small. There should be a couple thousand votes by now, and there is only one day left on the poll. So please help get out the vote, if for no other reason than this: I guarantee that antipope Bergoglio will see the results of this poll.
I imagine the rage will be heard across the Tiber.

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