Of hurricanes and the Body of Christ

I flipped over to the Weather Channel last night as Harvey was about to make landfall in Texas.  I despise both the Weather Channel and NOAA, as both organizations are completely given over to the climate change religion. But when disaster looms and you have friends and family in harm’s way, what cha gonna do?
What happened yesterday afternoon was completely unforecasted. On Thursday, Harvey wasn’t even a hurricane. It was expected to make landfall as only a Category 1 (75mph winds, 4 foot storm surge).  Because of this, a large majority of the population did not evacuate. The real threat was thought to be not the winds, but the rain and flooding, because the forecasted path inland was a dead stall.
But Harvey had other ideas, and spent all day Friday rapidly intensifying. By 7pm Central Time, it was a Category 4 (140mph winds, 15 foot surge). In other words, two to three times as powerful as expected. At this point, there was no way to evacuate.
As the radar came up, the eye wall was about to make landfall. The image startled me enough that I immediately grabbed my phone to take a screenshot.
I might be predisposed to seeing signs and signals where they don’t necessarily exist.  I write about this kind of stuff a lot, so maybe this is not an objective observation.  I’m also personally connected to this situation, still having a large number of family and friends from the years we lived in Texas, and I would hate to admit emotions to be driving my thought process. But wow. A week which began with a black hole sun traversing the U.S. ended with a deluge with an angle of attack appearing like a striking visual metaphor to the deluge of sin being waged on the Eucharist, Corpus Christi, through the implementation of Amoris Laetitia.
In case you missed it, this week as Harvey strengthened in the gulf, the famous letter of anitpope Bergoglio to the Argentine bishops regarding the implementation  of AL was posted to the official Vatican website. This is the letter that was “leaked” nearly a year ago, in which Bergoglio firmly and positively quipped , in reply to the bishops’ blasphemous intent to administer Corpus Christi to persons in obdurate unrepentant mortal sin, “There are no other interpretations.”
That’s right, it is now posted officially to vatican.va HERE
Anyway, South Texas is in rough shape.  Harvey took a slight turn to the northeast after landfall, toward Houston. That stalled pattern is still the forecast, at least for the next five days; non-stop rain. This on top of the terrible wind damage overnight that was not expected. They say some areas will receive as much as 40 inches of rain, a number I can’t even get my head around.
Please say a few prayers for these folks.

3 thoughts on “Of hurricanes and the Body of Christ”

  1. It is impossible not to see something meaningful, dare I say apocalyptic, in these events. We know this year is something different, who can say why exactly, but it seems to be. What is happening in Texas is heartbreaking, the people, the homes, the poor vulnerable creatures who can’t get out of the way of that water. May God help them, and may it be a wakeup call for the rest of us, to make preparations as best we can in case we should ever need to evacuate or make do for a period of time. Our ancestors always put things in store just in case, we have neglected that important lesson. Food. Clean water. We will always need these and should have at least some set aside or know how to get it.

    1. We need to at least try to be prepared to protect our families from whatever my come our way. The way this year is unfolding, it could certainly be any number of things.

  2. Modern man thinks everything just happens to him. We have always had hurricanes. It’s no more apocalyptic than light rain. When you live by the water sometimes the water comes to visit you. When you live on the Ring of Fire sometimes there is a big earthquake. If you live in a valley sometimes there are flash floods. If you live
    near a mountain sometimes there are mudslides. However, everyone should have an emergency kit and an evacuation plan. Don’t wait until the storm warning to buy water and bread.

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