ANTIFA: Rapidly approaching the flash point

Folks, how’s your bearing? I have the feeling it’s about to get real, don’t you? Are you planning your contingencies? What’s it going to take?
The title of this post isn’t hyperbole; it’s an understatement. We are actually past the flash point. Quick chemistry refresher:

  • Flash Point is the temperature at which a substance will ignite, given an ignition source
  • Fire Point is the temperature at which a substance will stay ignited, even if the ignition source is removed
  • Kindling Point is the temperature at which a substance spontaneously ignites

I would say metaphorically we are now between the latter two. The majority of Americans are still asleep, and football season starts in a couple weeks, when bread and circuses make it that much harder to penetrate the opioids. So time is short and you have a lot of work to do. Here are three things to know and share regarding Antifa, the name itself being a perfect example of diabolical inversion of truth:

1. The MSM will support, glorify and carry water for Antifa, because in their minds, remember, “they go low, we go high”

This headline at CNN is strikingly accurate, other than the word “activists”. It looks like a headline for a story exposing and condemning the terror tactics, incitement to violence and actual violence of this group, which started mildly with Occupy, morphed into BLM, and now really a coalition of Antifa/Occupy/BLM. But here’s the catch: The story itself is sympathetic to Antifa. Which means the headline, read it again, is endorsing the use of violence to stop free speech. The ideology is so embedded, the copy editors couldn’t even see the stark irony of this, which is perhaps the most telling and dangerous symptom of all. They are saying that bricks, bats and urine cannons are acceptable tools of justice against people who’s ideas you disagree with. Oh, and the only reason they don’t yet have better weapons is because they’re all anti-gun.  Give it time, they will “evolve”.

Don’t worry, we’re only here for the “Nazi’s”

2. These people actually believe that they are the enforcers of liberty, freedom, and justice for all; they fancy themselves the DEVGRU of SJW

I’m not talking about the NWO globalists who are funding this. I’m talking about the boots on your neck the ground, the riotous mobs.  They can’t even hear you when you try to tell them that you hate Nazis too. These people have been turned into militarized zombies through indoctrination and desensitization, undergirded by a profound lack of education.  This could only have been done in a post-Christian society, and only after a learned disregard for the human person, through a steady diet of fornication, contraception, abortion and pornography.  After the war, books will be written on that last sentence.
Having been thus conditioned, now they finally have something they can feel part of, and they’ve emerged from their parents’ basements to wage war against sanity. This is where we are in America, and there is no longer any excuse for being in the dark about it.

3. Incredibly, “Average Americans” are still totally in the dark about the seriousness of the situation

Obviously, this is partly due to said average American also being completely awash in the fornication, contraception, abortion and pornography I just mentioned. But I’m also talking about people in their 30s/40s/50s who I talk to every day, centrists on the left and the right. One center left friend remarked this weekend that he saw Antifa as “garden variety liberals”, and thinks them to be generally harmless. Many others think the despicable white nationalists “had it coming”. When I try to explain that’s not how free speech works, that’s not how the First Amendment works, and the only trajectory this mindset leads to, all I get is hysteria. Literally.

Nope, no irony here, move along

But still, we have to keep trying. The ones who are willing to engage in reasoned dialogue are still reachable.  But in order to understand just how difficult this is going to be, you need to do a little prep work by reading up on Belief Perseverance and Cognitive Bias. I won’t make a long post longer by going into those here.  Just take ten minutes and research the terms.
You won’t convert anyone in one conversation, but you can certainly get one or two nuggets through. May I suggest that the one concept to focus on is the trajectory I mentioned earlier. There is only one place this leads if it’s not stopped, and it’s going to be much, much worse than anything you can imagine. Did you think we’ve somehow progressed to the point of being incapable of the atrocities of the past? Not only are you wrong, but sadly it’s worse than you can even imagine. Because of the devaluing of human life as a result of the conditioning/desensitization we discussed, we are now actually capable of atrocities far WORSE than in the past, or at least the recent past.
I wrote a post back in March with several more examples that really show how these people are totally blinded by the ideology.  I am re-posting below in it’s entirety. I’m not sure if the videos will re-embed, but if they don’t, you can view them at the original post.
The third video in particular is breathtaking. Tucker keeps describing the violent behavior engaged in by Antifa as being the exact kind of behavior Antifa says it opposes, and even shows video of the interviewee engaged in violence. But the interviewee is so filled with “righteous” rage, she doesn’t remotely get it. These people are so far gone, it really gives you a sense of how bad it’s going to be when their power is far greater than it is today.
Trust me; we didn’t dodge a bullet in Charlottesville, we turned a corner.  Please do not be silent. Engage everyone you can. Develop your contingency plan.

A triumvirate of Antifa Fascists

I’m giving you three examples here, one audio and two video, in an effort to demonstrate how totally unhinged are the Leftists/Marxists/Fascists. Not only are they completely detached from reality, they are living inside their own separate “reality” which cannot be penetrated by reason whatsoever. So as you review the material here, see if you can find the common thread that runs through the thought process of all these brainwashed souls. All of these are at least a month old, so sorry if it’s old news to you. But seeing them together really drives home the horror.
First is an audio clip of Professor David Parry of the not-in-my-lifetime “catholic” Saint Joseph’s University of unhappy memory. I attended in the gogo 80s, when the Theology chair was a turtleneck atheist, at least that was my impression at the time, and the campus didn’t even have a chapel. They do have one now, but bring some eye bleach if you visit.
Anyway, this was recorded two days after the election, 10 Nov 2016. The good professor, still huffing paint from two nights previous, encourages minorities toward full hate of Trump supports and condones violence against them. Actually he condones anything at all they feel the need to do. He says, “People are going to die” because Trump won, and he’s basically inciting a preemptive race war. Listen for three minutes and tell me if I’m exaggerating:


The university issued this statement in response:

“Saint Joseph’s University…is fundamentally committed to free speech and the exchange of ideas…Fostering a safe learning environment is one of the University’s primary obligations. Freedom of expression is integral to this effort. The University does expect respectful dialogue at all times and opposes any form of intolerance. This always has been and will remain a central principle at Saint Joseph’s University.” (Full statement HERE)

I ask you, is sedition covered under free speech?  I didn’t think so. Did you hear respectful dialogue, or did you hear intolerance? I guess the university will only tolerate intolerance toward the tolerant. Liberal pretzel logic! What a great acronym…LPL. LOL.
On a side note, I must say it astonishes me how few people actually click the videos or source references I link to, even on the most insane subjects. I’m sitting here writing on topics and taking positions many times that 99% of the world would disagree with, and you’re not even going to fact check my own references? This is how fake news is spread.  People, do a little digging.
Up next, a two minute video with a professor from NYU at the Gavin McInnes protest last month. Warning, she’s a bit of a potty mouth. Try to ignore that, and focus on her message.


Got it?  Of course…violence is the answer! Look, we really should be praying for these people.  This woman might very well be possessed by something more serious than an ideology. But you’re starting to see a pattern, right?
Yep, it is those protesting fascism most vociferously who are themselves the fascists.
Okay, last clip.  It’s ten minutes but you only need to watch the first three. This one is yet another “educator”, Yvette Felarca, self proclaimed advocate of intolerance “by any means necessary.”  You almost feel bad for her, because Tucker simply sets up the deadly irony and then lets her destroy herself in her own words.
The video opens with Felarca inciting violence and assaulting a peaceful protester. Then Tucker asks her to define fascism. It’s an instant classic, watch:


This is what we are up against.


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