The Swamp wins again

What a traitorous wretch.
Conservative Tree House has all the sickening details HERE.
Look, as explained here and elsewhere, the entire “healthcare” system in the U.S. is a total scam. There is no such thing as “repeal and replace”, so long as the “insurance” companies are ensured oligarch status and their built-in profit growth of 9% per year, which is what we’ve been handing them. Which, in turn, is by far the greatest threat to the sovereignty this former republic.
However, despite all this, it is still sickening to one’s core to see the downright nefarious, iniquitous, diabolical actions of these people. They have no conscience.

Senator McCain’s vote holds much larger ramifications than just the continuance of ObamaCare.  Inherent within the retention is a reality that any tax reform, tax cuts to benefit the middle-class, will also necessarily be diminished.
The expansion of Medicaid within ObamaCare has, by intention and design, blown a massive hole in the federal budget.
When tax reform legislation is now proposed the CBO scoring will have to factor in a large projected need for additional tax revenue.  This reality essentially dooms the middle-class tax proposal of the White House unless adjustments are made.
When considering the cost of ObamaCare and expanded Medicaid expenditures, it  is now likely the middle-class tax-paying workers will not only have the cost of skyrocketing health insurance premiums locked in, but they will now need to contribute more of their tax dollars to subsidize Medicaid.
Yes, this is a double-whammy impact; and yes, it was done by design.  The original goal of ObamaCare was always to facilitate a collapse in the system creating single-payer as the default setting for any possible financial exit.

The swamp wins again.

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  1. A minimum requirement to fixing health care is to require all medical providers to publish their prices in advance, to require that all customers of a particular provider pay the same price, and to prevent collusion and price fixing between providers. In other words, a minimum requirement is a free market in health care, with competition among providers.
    In the early 1920s, Ludwig von Mises predicted the fall of the USSR. His reason was that, lacking a free market, they would not be able to set prices at the correct level. Having prices be too high enriches the providers at the expense of the consumers. Having prices be too low causes shortages. Both are bad for society. The USSR collapsed in 1991 for the exact reason that von Mises predicted.
    Now it is our turn. We are hell bent on collapsing our system. It will happen, sooner or later, if we do not restore a free market in health care. It is inevitable.
    Only free markets work. All government intrusion into free markets makes things worse. Free the health care market.

    1. Absolutely correct. The obvious example is LASIC. Not covered by “insurance”, free market, prices advertised. Take a look at the 20 year cost curve on that.

  2. Single payer is NOT a solution, because there is no price discovery process; there is no competition. With single payer, prices are guaranteed to be set wrong: either too high, or too low. The chances of getting prices set at exactly the right level are infinitesimally low. So prices are guaranteed to be set wrong: either too high, or too low. Both are bad, and both impoverish society. In the long run, such a society must collapse.
    Only free markets work.
    Another example is computers. Just look at how fast, how much memory, and how large the disks are, now. If the government had intervened in the computer market, declaring computing to be an “essential commodity”, or a “human right”, that would not have happened. Computers would not have advanced as they have. Government intervention would have killed Moore’s Law. You wouldn’t be able to buy a computer with modern capabilities now, at any price, because they wouldn’t exist. (There would have been no incentive on the part of the producers to improve their product if they had government subsidies and were protected from competition.) And the computer you could buy today, probably with early early 1990s capabilities or less, would be unaffordable to you.
    Only free markets work.
    Here is why all attempts to reform health care will fail: producers hate free markets. They want subsidies. Free markets are good for consumers. But consumers are not lobbying the Congress. Indeed, Congress doesn’t even care about consumers, because consumers are not contributing to their re-election campaigns.
    So we must collapse, just like the USSR did, and for the very same reason.
    It is a damned shame that we won’t learn the lesson that only free markets work. Sure, a few of us know, but we don’t matter.
    So we’ve got that to look forward to.

  3. The swamp is powerful and has been around a long time. Gotta expect it will not drain easily and will score many wins, if it even can be defeated (as opposed to collapsing under its own weight and corruption).

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