Update on the Apocalypse

There is much discussion on the interweebs regarding the Stephen Walford open letter to the dubia brothers.  I will try not to repeat what has already been said, but there are one or two things I want to point out. If you haven’t already, read the whole thing HERE.
The central theme running through this is something along the lines of, “The pope can change discipline whenever he wants, because he’s the pope.” The error of positivism has been refuted elsewhere, and better than I could have done.  But what also needs to be called out is the error of saying AL only changed “discipline”. Allowing Communion in the hand is a (horrible) change in discipline.  Allowing Communion for those who remain obstinate in Mortal Sin is an attempt to change Scripturally-based Doctrine. Read this sentence from AL#301 and see how many violations of doctrine you can find:

Hence it is can no longer simply be said that all those in any “irregular” situation are living in a state of mortal sin and are deprived of sanctifying grace.

Here, let me have a crack at it: God is no longer immutable, he changes His Divine Law. Adultery now isn’t always Adultery. Now you can receive sanctifying grace even while remaining in an objective state of mortal sin. So how did the mortal sin get removed without full contrition, firm purpose of amendment, and sacramental confession? Don’t you see how this absurd notion, borne out of false mercy, completely shatters the entire fabric of moral doctrine?
It’s all a total lie, straight from the father of lies himself. But it does have the benefit of neatly summing up the new religion in one sentence.
Okay now to my favorite part of the Walford letter to the dubias. I’m just going to insert my comments and let you enjoy, but be forewarned it gets a little dark at the end.

You may or may not be aware that there is a growing section of traditionalists and even some conservative Catholics who see you as the standard bearers for the rejection of this papacy. They repeatedly pledge their allegiance to Francis as true pope. Although I did think it was brilliant for them to insert the part in their latest letter about the growing number of people who think he’s not the pope.  I bet the walls of Santa Marta were reverberating with rage rant on that note. I know from experience that some of it is deeply troubling. You find it troubling?  Good, good, we must be doing something right. The abuse from many, including those who run websites and Traditionalist blogs aimed at the Holy Father and those who are loyal to him, is nothing short of satanic. Yeah, our appeal to 2000 years of Church teaching is clearly satanic. The Gates of Hell will Not Prevail didn’t take effect until 11 October 1962, right? You are their role models and that is an intolerable situation. In reality, there is no confusion but only outright rejection and defiance towards the legitimate Pope and his magisterial teachings…

About those last two sentences… I’m sorry to say he’s right about both.
It really is an intolerable situation that these men are our role models. It’s intolerable that there are only four of them.  It’s intolerable knowing this is the best we’ve got. It’s intolerable knowing that there is not a single red pilled great facade traditionalist among them, nor among the entire college, nor among the entire episcopate. It really sucks, and this fact weighs way more on my faith than anything Francis and his minions could ever do.
Lastly, he’s right about “there is no confusion”.  I’ve written about it over and over again. There is no confusion, no ambiguity.  It’s all perfectly clear. It’s heresy.

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  1. It is Apostasy at the very top of the CC spreading out to all Episcopates & even parishes. It was predicted a long time ago this would happen. Our Lady has been continually ignored by these fiends of the VII conciliar church & now PF, who doesn’t ever bend the knee to the King of Kings, is trying desperately to change Catholic Doctrine by way of praxis because he considers the Ten Commandments too hard for us mortals to adhere to.
    PF is not Catholic & never should have been elected to the Papal Office nor any other Office within the CC. Those that elected him know this full well but, because they too hate the True Faith, put him on the Seat of Peter to fulfil their agenda. Their only wish is to eradicate the Church of Christ on earth established by Our Saviour Jesus Christ whose teachings the CC upheld until VII when everything was tossed out the window in favour of false ecumenism.
    It is more than time that the four Cardinals carried out the action they promised last Christmas & made the formal correction publicly & then called for an imperfect council to rid the CC of this blasphemous heretic. It is gravely necessary at this late stage to immediately consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary & reveal in full the Third Secret of Fatima in order that Our Lady’s Triumph can commence & the CC restored to Tradition. The silence of Prelates, the SSPX & other Traditional Orders is incredible but I suppose in line with the abomination that has been allowed to happen in order for the wheat to be separated from the chaff. Let us hope & pray they will act quickly to restore order to the CC by electing a man of great faith steeped in Tradition to be our Pope.

  2. Well, yeah!
    Thank you, thank you, Non Veni, for this article. I was angry to read Walford’s letter but the official-looking “Vatican” site did not have a combox, so I couldn’t comment.
    Imagine, thinking a sacramental matter as merely a “discipline!” What ignorance.
    Walford actually believes he’s smarter than the four Cardinals. He not only tries to school them, he even insults them. He should be ashamed if he actually sends his letter to them. I hope they never get to see it.
    Then there’s Walford thrashing traditionalist bloggers for looking up to the Cardinals as role models. Oh, my!

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