But But But if only there were some signs and signals! How in the world were we supposed to know?

Francis thinks he is simply refusing to kneel before a piece of bread, when in reality he is in a staring contest with his enemy.
And yes, we’ve seen this act before.  All the time, really. You’d think he would have told someone, nay, raged on someone (+Marini?) to just STOP PUTTING THE PRIE DIEU OUT THERE.
Remember this?

Isn’t this the same guy who famously said, “No more pickled pepper sour puss Christians?”

francis pickle faced
“Non Serviam”

This was during Exposition on the Annunciation last Saturday. Does this look like a man in prayerful reflection before his Lord and his God? Notice this time the instructions were given beforehand to NOT set up the prie-dieu. No, just a chair will be fine, and I’m not removing my zucchetto either BECAUSE IT’S JUST A CRACKER. Remember, the signalling isn’t just for you, boys and girls. The act itself is thrilling to him personally – the brazen, out in the open nature of it – because the real thrill for the diabolical narcissist is in publicly getting away with it. I would be willing to bet that the greatest thrill in his life was at his first Mass as “Pope Francis”, when he refused to genuflect at the consecration, as the whole world watched. HERE

And this:

These screen shots are from Saturday at the Te Deum, and were retweeted all over the world. “Te Deum laudamus” is how the hymn begins, “Thee, O God, we praise.”  Pssst, you’re supposed to kneel on that kneely thingee and praise God. It’s not polite to stand there and stare.
Silly Francis, he only kneels for muslims and wheelchairs. Not sure what +Marini is thinking, but I like how he keeps on setting up the prie dieu. Except when he sets it up and then Francis orders him to remove it, like at the opening of the Holy Door for the Year of (false) Mercy. We can’t have any distractions when Francis is going for an Ecce Homo moment with the press.  Watch, as he stands Vader-like at the 0:29 mark:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpYCQenuoyU?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]

Just think about what these pictures say, for all the world to see. Go back and look at the twitterpics again. There are two possibilities for what is going through the mind of Francis right here.
If he DOES believe in the Real Presence, the blinding Pride monster is on full rage. He is openly mocking God to His face, refusing to kneel to his creator, in a public demonstration of non serviam. Just like he does at the consecration at every Mass. But the visual in this scene is one of pure defiance.
If he DOES NOT believe in the Real Presence, he’s actually demonstrating not pride, in his mind, but humility. By allowing himself to be paraded in front of a cracker, he begrudging goes through the motions of doing his job, even if he can’t manage to wipe the scowl from his face.  Plus there is the added bonus of scoring points with the other cool kids who don’t believe any of that stuff.
Which one is it?
Which one is worse?
Well, I’m not sure what is going on in the FrancisBrain, but I sure know what is going on in actual reality. HERE

And then there is the choice of crozier today:
Happy Feast of Corpus Christi, everyone!

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