Everyone has their priorities: “Climate Change” vs Jihad

Via Chicks on the Right HERE, via The Tenth Crusade HERE.  Please spread the news to those in your circle who fit the description.

Leftists with their heads lodged squarely up their backsides have the unmitigated GALL to act shocked when this crap happens. Hashtags, tears, hugs, “Pray for London,” Facebook profile filters – all that stuff came out of the woodwork. If they hadn’t already been put away from the last terrorist attack, that is. And yet, when there are Actual Terrorists mowing people down in the streets and stabbing them indiscriminately while shouting about how wonderful Allah is, people are completely bewildered as to what’s going on.
Here’s a clue, leftists (and I’m looking at you, European jackholes) – The world isn’t going to end because the sun makes the earth get too hot and it certainly isn’t going to end because we’re using the wrong lightbulbs or because of too many cow farts . The world is more likely to end because of a bunch of jihadis operating under the belief that everyone who doesn’t bow to Allah either deserves death or to be shoved under a burqa and forced to service some Islamic overlord’s sexual depravity. If you were half as worried about yet-another-Mohammed causing bloodshed and rape in your city streets as you are about wonky weather patterns that no rational human being has a PRAYER of predicting, you probably wouldn’t be experiencing a terrorist attack literally every other week.

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5 thoughts on “Everyone has their priorities: “Climate Change” vs Jihad”

  1. I am not saying concealed carry is the be all/end all answer to this type of jihad attack, but there is a reason this seems more prevalent in say, Londonistan, rather than say, Houston. Return fire within seconds is a lot different than knowing you have 9 minutes (on a bad day) before encountering armed resistance.

  2. Do not believe the hokum about man made climate change. The sun’s cycles are a big mover of climate change. No sane person is suggesting that we can do anything about the sun going through a more active cycle.

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