Unhinged: Season II, Episode IV

The leftists, the real hard cases, are always right on the edge of completely losing their minds.  I posted a few months ago about the Antifas being the real Nazis, and showed three videos as examples (original post HERE – alas, the third video has been taken down, but there is enough info in the post for you to track it down).
Now comes the case of Zach Ruff,  the vice principle of an elite academy outside Philadelphia who decided to confront two young abortion protesters on public property outside his school. He screams obscenities at them, tells them they can’t be there (a lie), tells them they don’t have a right to say what they are saying (a lie) tells them he will call police to have them removed (no, he can’t), tells them aborted children are just cells.
About that last one. Can we all agree to just start calling out these murders and promoters of murder who still use the “clump of cells” tagline? This isn’t 1973 anymore. Anyone who uses that line should lose all credibility, period. Everyone in the developed world can look down at their phone and search “15 week 3D ultrasound” and see what it is. Instead, this guy claims the scientific high ground: “They’re not children, they’re cells! … You’re at a science-based school, those are cells!” Watch him physically confront the teenagers. Watch him start to shake as he wags his finger at them, right on the edge.  “I’m as gay as the day is long”…”You and Trump can go to hell!” Excuse me, what? What does your gayness and Trump have anything to do with this? It almost looks like an SNL skit.
Ruff resigned today, after being on administrated leave since the incident a few weeks ago.  Given the state of affairs in this country broadly, and within academia especially, this might be the most shocking aspect to the story.
Full story from when it broke HERE
The video is 18 minutes but you only need to watch the first six. There’s language.


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  1. “All Day Gay”…….that was one of my favorite parts too! LOL. The other one that this Vice Principal kept repeating: ” A bunch of CELLS”. He states that this school concentrates on SCIENCE? A little bit behind the true scientific evidence, eh? I’m sorry, but this guy is an IDIOT!

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