It only took 101 days to reveal that the swamp will most certainly remain undrained

The spending plan agreed to by Trump, praised by Pence, and passed yesterday:
Funded Obamacare
Funded Planned Parenthood
Funded EPA at 99%
Didn’t fund the Wall
Didn’t fund ICE task force
Nothing is going to change.  The republic is dead.  Stop being surprised. Yes, you had a moral duty to vote for Trump, but only in order to stop her. Only in order for more souls to possibly have a chance to achieve heaven. This never had anything to do with #MAGA, and you can go back to my original post where I laid out the case for Trump, and I said it right in that post.   You had no right to expect anything to really change. Or should I say, there was, is, and ever will be, until the war comes, absolutely no logical reason for you to think any of this is going to change. #draintheswamp is a myth.
There is one party, the oligarch party, and you’re not part of it. Do yourself a favor and get your head around this. Also helpful is to understand the inevitability of the “healthcare” crisis (and it’s way bigger than Obamacare), and  the inevitability of the overall financial crisis, which involves national debt, the global economy, the laughably overbought stock market, ZIRP, and all the major banks being insolvent. All the information is out there, folks.
So stay confessed, rededicate yourself to growing in holiness, and do what you can with your family to ensure they are on the right path. None of the rest of this stuff matters.

7 thoughts on “It only took 101 days to reveal that the swamp will most certainly remain undrained”

  1. Someone recently told me, and I think it summarizes your main point, politics is a non-redemptive activity so…look elsewhere.

  2. This is certainly pertinent to this post…..
    This kid is a grimma wormtongue in Trump’s ear; though he’s only too happy to hear. Jared and Ivanka have a dang LOT of unelected power; she, in the past few days, is shilling for PP, saying that they just need to bifurcate into the ‘abortion side, and the health-care side’ (like that latter even exists). Little wonder they are still fully subsidized in this JOKE of a budget. Oligarch indeed.

  3. last post for the day…..
    then there are things like this, which give hope….
    and this….
    and then of course there’s Gorsuch….who, if he meets expectations and hopes, will have alone justified the Trump presidency.
    Trump is a bit of an enigma, and still WAAAAAAYYYYY better than hillary. The asteroid is still coming…it’s just been ever so slightly slowed down.

  4. Ann Barnhardt’s podcast has an interesting take on Trump’s family. They need our prayers for a variety of reasons. Interesting take on all this. She does not hold her punches…never has.

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