Happy Anniversary! Maybe we can have a key party to celebrate the sacrament of adultery.

Amoris Laetitia was published one year ago today.  In the dumb way we in the States write the date (month first, then day), it was 04/08/16, which always seemed to me to have some weird numerology thing going on.
We knew it was going to be bad, we just didn’t know the exact words. What many of us expected was ensuing war, and the fact that this hasn’t happened is the saddest part of the whole saga.
Here is what I posted on the eve of the release of the document. How silly of me to expect SOME bishops to stand up for the truth.  How many would be willing to wage total war for the sake of Christ and His Church? Could we expect at least one percent of the episcopacy to stand and fight?  Well, no, that would have been aiming too high. I’m still astonished to the point of not being to admit naivete.

The situation cannot be hyperbolized

Meaning, its seriousness on several levels cannot be overstated.
On Friday morning, each and every Catholic bishop in the world will need to rise, put on a strong pot of coffee, read the Exhortation, and make a series of decisions which will directly affect the vector of many, many souls, foremost his own.
He must decide whether or not  his diocese will endorse the sacrilege, which presumably would entail erecting structures and programs to circumvent the reality of Matthew 19:9. If he chooses to not overtly endorse it, but rather stay quiet and do nothing, well, that’s nearly the same thing as endorsing it. Inaction is action.
Or he could publicly denounce the document and call out its authors and endorsers.  How many will?
Beyond the particular issue at hand, Communion for those guilty of obstinate unrepentant mortal sin, and the horrific sacrilege being demanded from bishops and priests, we have another problem.  Leaving the solutions up to each individual diocese isn’t collegiality, it’s anarchy.  Have these people learned nothing from the Anglicans?
Matters of Faith and Morals are the Truth itself.  Truth cannot vary from diocese to diocese.  This is third grade catechism.
Pray intensely for your bishop.  Pray for your priests.  War is coming.

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary! Maybe we can have a key party to celebrate the sacrament of adultery.”

  1. Yeah well, I didn’t expect such complete utter silence either. How could you, or any of us have anticipated such mega cowardice on the part of our ‘Bishops’? “Where have all the Bishops gone?” They’ve abandon their flocks to the wolves. ALL OF THEM! We have only Our Lord to protect us. But……He is enough. They all ran from the crucifixion too, so …….looks like they are the same schmucks that Jesus Himself recruited. Nothing has really changed in over 2,000 years!

  2. How do we explain this to people who trust “the Church” and its “vicar” because Our Lord gave him the keys of heaven and said the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church? It is so clear to me that these are extraordinary times, foretold by Our Lady at Fatima and elsewhere. I seems so obvious that we are expected to use the brain God gave us too discern truth from deception, whomever is in Peter’s chair. But when I discuss this with some people, they insist that all times are “extraordinary” and tell me that the bigger danger is abandoning the church that Christ Himself founded (but which He Himself could no longer recognize). And now even the SSPX chases after the harlot and leads the sheep to the slaughter. The darkness is almost complete.

    1. You explain it by teaching the truth, and that truth cannot change. We can never abandon the Church, because there is nowhere else to go. We have to fight for truth, and do battle for Christ against these lies. Do whatever you can, in the knowledge that we already know we win in the end.

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