Be safe, America, the anarchists don’t care which “side” you’re on – they’re just in it for the violence

There are tons of “protests” planned this weekend. I pray that they are peaceful. But if you live in the U.S., and you are watching what’s happening, the trend is not encouraging. When a violent riot shuts down the speech of a homosexualist Jew at Berkeley, we’ve officially entered the twilight zone. Berkeley – the birthplace of the Free Speech movement. Or how about the unhinged rant of the NYU prof, who I’m pretty sure was actually, really, foaming at the mouth at the NYPD for maintaining the peace. Hey, at least the NYPD showed up; where the hell were the cops in Berkeley?
As for the anarchists, they don’t care one iota about your politics. The leftists hate the soft libs every bit as much as the right, if not more so, except the libs are much more pliable as useful idiots. Do you really think that those who were behind the riots were motivated by temporary travel restrictions? Gee, have you heard the one about protests over a hateful internet video?
Stay safe, America. You can scroll through this blog if you want to better understand your right and duty to defend yourself and your family from corporeal threats, along with recommendations on how best to do that.
Si vis pacem, para bellum.

2 thoughts on “Be safe, America, the anarchists don’t care which “side” you’re on – they’re just in it for the violence”

  1. Actually, Milo is not Jewish, but Catholic. Indeed, I have heard him refer to the Mass in the vernacular as “absurd.” If you were to watch his recent speech at Cal-Poly he definitely tells the audience at the beginning that they must be Catholic to get to Heaven. He does it without his usual snark, though when challenged by members of the audience, he does say that he is probably going to hell, but that he wants everyone in his audience to get to Heaven, and to do that, well, they need to become a Catholic. It’s pretty remarkable.
    Sadly, throughout the speech- which ostensibly is about why abortion is evil, but he’s Milo so he goes off on tangents- the young man positively revels in his sins of sodomy, so he needs many, many, many prayers.

  2. From what I gather, a gay Greek Catholic. Although some suspect the gay thing is an act to get cover against leftists (if they attacked him, then they’d be homophobes!). Regardless, I am sure he is in need of and would appreciate prayers.

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