Francis unhinged: Even the mainstream is noticing

Damian Thompson at UK Spectator HERE:

“Bergoglio divides the church into those who are with him and those who are against him — and if he thinks you’re in the latter camp then he’ll come after you,” says a priest who works in the curia.
‘Bergoglio’, note: he doesn’t even call him ‘Francis’. Tellingly, this priest used to be a fervent supporter of some of the Pope’s administrative reforms and he doesn’t look back nostalgically at the reign of Benedict, whom he blames for neglecting his papal duties.
But, like so many Vatican employees, he’s sick of Francis’s habit of telling the entire Roman curia that they are modern-day Pharisees — an analogy that casts the Argentinian pontiff in the role of Jesus.

He also talks about the ritualistic fake humility with which Francis tried to cloak his papacy from the beginning, though Thompson still can’t bring himself to call him out for it, as if a different person did these things.

A man who, when he took office, seemed endearingly informal — paying his own bill at his hotel, refusing to live in the Apostolic Palace, making surprise phone calls to members of the public — now cuts a less sympathetic figure.

Ahem, perhaps it’s time to view these antics as part of the PLAN??
And then there was this:

…right up until the end, Benedict was always ‘the Holy Father’. That title has almost dropped out of use inside the Vatican under Francis, at least in everyday conversation. And, when you hear it, there is an edge of sarcasm. For example: ‘As the Holy Father so wisely says, we all have a natural tendency to eat shit.’ The priest in question is no fan of Francis. But the fact is that the Pope did say it — in public. Last month, he told the media to stop spreading fake stories because ‘people have a tendency towards the sickness of coprophagia’. Which means eating excrement.

The mainstreaming of coprophagia, ladies and gentlemen.

8 thoughts on “Francis unhinged: Even the mainstream is noticing”

  1. Indeed I have always suspected that Francis MAY have some kind of a ‘mental disorder’. Said this about a year into his Papacy. But……..I delve even further into this speculation and wonder if this has anything to do with an actual ‘brain chemistry’ problem. Upon learning of true mental illnesses one discovers that most of them have to do with the brain chemistry. Sometimes, however, mental problems can have an element of the diabolical. There is a very fine line between the two. Several exorcists have stated that about 1/4 to 1/3 of people in mental hospitals actually need deliverance. Interesting to ponder, and at the same time, a little frightening.

  2. If the labile Lutheran is insane that is a fact to be thankful of for that fact would minimise his culpability.
    Far worse is what he did with the queer cleric and we know why the media is not hounding him (were this Benedict, they’d have treed him already) because it loves his praxis, especially because it is devoid of Tradition and Doctrinal content

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