Bishop Elbs was wondering when does he get his red hat?

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An Austrian bishop has given a sweeping interview claiming that “remarried” Catholics now have the “blessing of the Pope” to receive Communion, the use of contraception is “a decision of conscience” for couples, and homosexuals can constitute a “family.” Bishop Benno Elbs, who heads the Feldkirch diocese in west Austria, made the comments in an interview with Die Presse on December 23.
Regarding the admission of “remarried” divorced Catholics to Communion, he said, “The teaching [of the Church] has changed insofar as she has opened the door. People have made decisions of conscience in the past, but now they can do it – so to say – with the blessing of the Pope. That is an essential progress.”

“We had unanimity in everything, and the Pope has taken up a lot.” For Elbs, the entirety of Amoris Laetitia is about the decision of conscience: “If that is written in a footnote or not is not important. The whole paper breathes the spirit that the individual person can find a way in his conscience to deal with situations of life.” He added that the admission to Communion of those in question is irreversible. “That has been in the pastoral praxis for quite some time. Even theologically. Now we should not make the mistake of inventing new rules. The progress is an attitude that surpasses norms.”

“The progress is an attitude that surpasses norms.”

Sound familiar?  Brick by brick they are setting the stage for the big reveal, which is False Unity through the doctrine of False Transcendence.  Thanks to Bishop Elbs, we now have the first formula of this doctrine, which comes on the heels of this:

I wrote a brief post on this HERE.

The endgame to the dubia and the entire implementation and enforcement of Amoris Laetitia is not in yes or no answers. The endgame will be to assign the questions and criticisms to a malformed, primitive, simplistic moral theology, which needs to be enlightened by the Third Person of the God of Surprises. That is why you are hearing all the talk lately about spirits, and it will soon become clear which Spirit or spirits are on which side.
The endgame will be false transcendence. If twitter allowed more than 140 characters, it would sound something like this:
“Doctors of the law remain fixated on the ‘ideals’ of the Gospel, and indeed the ‘ideals’ remain unchanged. But the God of Surprises demands us to unleash the creativity of mercy at this time, to bring about new undertakings amidst the concrete situations of real life. This is the fruit of grace to which the spirit is calling. It is a grace that transcends mere ideals, bringing God’s profound mercy and hope to those on the peripheries.”

My forthcoming essay on this topic is now complete, and awaiting editing. It will be posted shortly.

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  1. Bishop Elbs repudiates God’s Word. No pope can authorise sin & if he tries to then the entire Hierarchy & Episcopate should collectively warn him. If he still persists they must make it impossible for him to reign. It is essential the formal correction is made & answers received as faith & morals are at stake here. The Ten Commandments cannot be changed by an human being – they were given to Moses for all peoples, for all time.

  2. And all the while these knuckleheads are claiming to being guided by the Holy Spirit, which is an absolute heretical statement. It is impossible for the Holy Sprit to guide one to lead others others to sin. Such would be a contradiction of God.

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