Step aside, pajama boy, the adults are back in charge

I’m pretty sure I stole this headline from Seb Gorka, but I can’t seem to locate the tweet.  Anyway, this may as well been what Putin said to Obama today. Pretty much.  HERE 
The most amazing thing in all of this is that these people must not even realize how stupid they look, or else continue to believe their own fake news. The Podesta emails revealed the deception and deviancy of the Democrat Party for all the world to see. Do they think that demonstrating their indignance somehow gains back credibility? With whom? 
Putin is fresh off the Syrian ceasefire and liberation of Aleppo, with pictures of Christians celebrating victory over ISIS broadcast throughout the world (though not on the USA MSM, of course). Yes, I do realize Putin is a muderous thug. But the ease with which he comes off as the bigger man here is truly an iconic demonstration of the incompetence of the past eight years, and how this has necessarily lead to the strengthening of Russia.
As for Obama, the humiliation deepens. With his legacy further imploding with each laughable misstep, it is becoming a real concern what else might be tried in the next 22 days. If he’s willing to risk eradicating diplomatic ties with Russia over the alleged hacking of a private gmail account, days after throwing Israel to the dogs and trotting out Kerry to spout insanity, you have to wonder what else is coming.
Obama always was, and is becoming more and more, the pajama boy of Obamacare meme fame.  The petulance will continue until 20 January, Noon, Eastern Standard Time.

2 thoughts on “Step aside, pajama boy, the adults are back in charge”

  1. I saw the normal cast of characters complaining that the PE is not concerned about this chronic issue…Yet they defended Clinton when she claimed.. .’What difference does it make?’ when referring to human lives.

  2. Obama will stay in Washington to harass and oppose any sign of Christianity, logic, or masculinity that rears its rational head.
    He will do what he was trained to do by the disciples of the Commie Saul Alinsky – organise and protest and seek to further weaken any resistance the west has to the Mahometan invasion

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