Cardinal Burke is stoking the Enraged Boiler Maximus

Big time. HERE

Cardinal Burke: “If a Pope would formally profess heresy he would cease, by that act, to be the Pope. It’s automatic. And so, that could happen…It is a scary thought, and I hope we won’t be witnessing that at any time soon…(but) there is already in place the discipline to be followed when the Pope ceases from his office, even as happened when Pope Benedict XVI abdicated his office. The Church continued to be governed in the interim between the effective date of his abdication and the inauguration of the papal ministry of Pope Francis.”

This is…stunning. Look at the precision of the words he uses in this quote and elsewhere in the interview. Look at the term “ceases from his office”. +Burke, a foremost expert in Canon Law, knows that no one, nor any group of people, can render a juridical judgement against Francis, if he is the pope. But by committing formal heresy, he would automatically cease to be pope. A heretic cannot be pope.

Think about the lateness of the Dubia.  It took months to plan out every possible contingency to ensure an airtight case. I think +Burke knows exactly what he is doing. The timing of everything that has happened since the Dubia were made public also seems to be very well calculated.

I’ve already stated that I think the endgame for Francis and his minions will be an appeal to false transcendence.  I haven’t had time to write about this in detail yet. I will do so in the coming days.

Francis addresses the curia in the morning.  That will be interesting.

2 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke is stoking the Enraged Boiler Maximus”

  1. The optimum word in Burke’s quote is not commit, but “profess”, and that’s never going to happen. If the final status is heresy, then all of the destructive work, including the appointed red hats, can be rolled back. On this understanding alone, there’s no way he’s leaving as a heretic. My guess is resignation due to health.

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