A picture worth a thousand words

I awoke 8 Nov 2016 to facebook posts of very long election lines in PA, my native place. A good sign, even in suburban Philadelphia. Normally Philly and its contiguous counties are Blue, the rest of the state is Red other than State College, but the state ends up going Blue because the Philly population is just too big. And voter fraud.
Then I saw the lines in the blue collar wards within Philadelphia. Very good sign. Even the unions were going for Trump.  There is no early voting in PA – you must go to the polls on election day. A bright, sunny, mild election day. Deo Gratias.
In AZ, my current place, about 70% of ballots are cast via early voting. So lines at polling places are unheard of. But yesterday there were widespread reports of long lines in suburban and rural places. Republican places. Good sign.
AZ is typically a Red state for national elections and statewide races, but we have just enough Lefties to make things interesting sometimes.  They started saying AZ was in play about two months ago, after Pussygate.
Now, I happen to live in central Phoenix, in one of the Bluer districts. Our Dem Congresswomen was re-elected with 61%. I don’t think I saw one Trump sign anywhere near my house. And interestingly, at houses full of signs for Dem candidates for all the other races, no Hillary signs. I noticed it weeks ago.  For every ten houses with loads of Dem signs, maybe one had a Hillary sign.
I voted early via paper ballot.  My wife went to the polls at 10am, figuring it was her best chance for a short line.
It was empty. I snickered.
During the lunch hour, I decided to take a drive to check it out. Surely this would be the busiest time, other than 5:15-6pm, right?
Yeah. so I had a pretty good idea at 12:35pm where this was headed.  This is what played out across America.  In PA, OH, MI, WI, and FLORIDA.
Republicans showed up in droves, with great misgivings about their own candidate, but determined to stop HER. Dems were either repulsed enough to stay away, or else thought Trump didn’t have a chance.
Probably, the latter.  They believed their own fake polls. Even the tools on the news networks were in genuine disbelief as it played out last night. The moment Fox called Florida for Trump, the shift in tone was grave.
It was amazing.

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  1. Yes, we really should thank the Fauxllsters for keeping the Dems smug enough to stay home. Although the LA Times poll almost blew it for Trump by being accurate.

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