Apparently my suggestion for today’s Lutheran homily was rejected

I will post shortly on what Francis actually did say, which makes clear he cares nothing for the souls of millions who are walking around with a completely erroneous notion of Justification, which will certainly lead the vast majority of them to Hell. Because when you think God doesn’t even expect you to TRY to obey the Commandments, why would you?
But but but that’s how their poor consciences were formed! How can they be to blame for that? I thought one of the conditions for Mortal Sin was Full Knowledge? These poor Lutherans know not what they do!
EXACTLY. That’s why they need to be faced with the Truth, if you really believe in the Truth. And as I’ve said before, in the age of smartphones when everyone has the sum of all knowledge in the palm of their hands, you really should not plan on pleading Invincible Ignorance at your Particular Judgement. Not a good strategy. While they are at it, maybe they should read up a little on the founder of their false religion.
Anyway, direct rebuttal of the Francis homily tomorrow. For now, here is a partial reposting of my suggestion; a snippet of Truth from 88 years ago, an excerpt from Pius XI, who obviously DID care for souls:

“…The union of Christians can only be promoted by promoting the return to the one true Church of Christ of those who are separated from it, for in the past they have unhappily left it. To the one true Church of Christ, we say, which is visible to all, and which is to remain, according to the will of its Author, exactly the same as He instituted it. During the lapse of centuries, the mystical Spouse of Christ has never been contaminated, nor can she ever in the future be contaminated… For since the mystical body of Christ, in the same manner as His physical body, is one, compacted and fitly joined together, it were foolish and out of place to say that the mystical body is made up of members which are disunited and scattered abroad: whosoever therefore is not united with the body is no member of it, neither is he in communion with Christ its head.

Let them therefore return to their common Father, who, forgetting the insults previously heaped on the Apostolic See, will receive them in the most loving fashion. For if, as they continually state, they long to be united with Us and ours, why do they not hasten to enter the Church, “the Mother and mistress of all Christ’s faithful”? Let them hear Lactantius crying out: “The Catholic Church is alone in keeping the true worship. This is the fount of truth, this the house of Faith, this the temple of God: if any man enter not here, or if any man go forth from it, he is a stranger to the hope of life and salvation. Let none delude himself with obstinate wrangling. For life and salvation are here concerned, which will be lost and entirely destroyed, unless their interests are carefully and assiduously kept in mind.”

Let, therefore, the separated children draw nigh to the Apostolic See, set up in the City which Peter and Paul, the Princes of the Apostles, consecrated by their blood; to that See, We repeat, which is “the root and womb whence the Church of God springs,” not with the intention and the hope that “the Church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth” will cast aside the integrity of the faith and tolerate their errors, but, on the contrary, that they themselves submit to its teaching and government…”

from Pius XI, MORTALIUM ANIMOS, 6 Jan 1928

Read the rest HERE.

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  1. CHRIST the KING: “In the age of smartphones when everyone has the sum of all knowledge in the palm of their hands, how can you plead Invincible Ignorance before Me?”
    21st Century deceased: “Pokemon Go?”

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