Francis moves against Cardinal Sarah to destroy the CDW? OF COURSE HE DID.

I wrote about the whole Cardinal Sarah ad orientem blow up back in July, explaining the reasons, the importance, the diabolical nature of the attacks against it, and how the whole affair was merely a prelude to a future showdown. These are things you must understand if you want to make sense of current events. Here is a sample:

The dethroning of God and the deification of man.
I’ve been meaning to write for some time about the root cause of all the madness – the inversion of the First Commandment (title of this post).  Note well, not the expungement of the commandment, but rather its diabolical inversion at the command of the satanically influenced secular world to worship self as if we were god.  The root goes wayyyy back, more than 500 years, and we won’t trace all that in this post.  Let’s just focus on the current phase of the collapse, which is the entirety of the Second Vatican Council – all of it – but especially its attack on the Mass.
Which brings us to the current event of Cardinal Sarah’s appeal for ad orientem, and the ensuing admonishment from his boss. Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat.  This is not a trivial event. On the contrary, it is most revealing, both in the subject matter and in the way it played out.  Don’t let anyone tell you this is about style, preferences, fashion, etc.  Don’t let anyone tell you this is just rearranging deck chairs.  I mean, of COURSE it’s rearranging deck chairs, but that doesn’t mean we should shrug our shoulders and waste the teachable moment.
This is about the most diabolical change in the Mass of Paul IV… and that’s really saying something, because there sure is a lot to choose from.  It doesn’t matter that the change wasn’t mandated, and it doesn’t matter that the rubrics suggest the change wasn’t made at all.  The only thing that matters is that the priest standing at table facing the people was the end result, almost instantaneously in all the churches of the world.  Paul VI himself was doing it in Rome before the missal was even promulgated.  No time for citations… go look it up.
The change to versus populum flattened the liturgy, led us to focus on the priest and on ourselves instead of God, supported all the SJW nonsense by making it about “the community”.  There are a hundred books written about this. It’s so obvious, that even with no knowledge of history, if someone sees ad orientem for the first time, and you explain that we are all facing God and worshipping him together, and this person has at least a shred of Sensus Catholicus, THEY INSTANTLY GET IT, and wonder how it had never occurred to them before.
So yes, what I’m saying is that this is the actual most destructive thing about the N.O.
Not communion in the hand, though also an abomination.
Not EMHCs, though also an abomination.
Not altarboy girls, though also an abomination.
Not the awful music, though also an abomination.
Not 27 “Eucharistic Prayers”, though also an abomination.
Not the butchered Offetory, though also an abomination.
Not the loss of Latin, although lamentable, especially the near loss of chant.
Not the removal of tabernacles, although a corollary to versus populum.
No.  None of these has had a more devastating effect than versus populum.  None of these has contributed more to the dethroning of God and the deification of man.  And it’s exactly as the marxist masonic modernist infiltrators wanted.

Much more to come on this, trust me.
Link to the complete post HERE.

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    1. St. Peter’s was built “backwards” – facing West, due to its geography in relation to Rome. So the altar both faces East and is facing the people.

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