18 days to go and the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper

Sorry so much politics, but this was surreal.  After the debate, Donna Brazile somehow thought it would be a good idea for her to be interviewed by Megyn Kelly. When presented with her leaked email to Podesta where she feeds him a debate question (from a primary town hall, months ago), a question that was asked VERBATIM the next day at the town hall, the reaction is just classic. I mean, Donna, come on, we’ve all read the email. I watched this Live and I kid you not, was sitting there with my jaw dropped, basically laughing but really I should have been crying.
I’m willing to bet there is a BUNCH more out there on Miss Donna, dontcha think?
Then today, POTUS took to the podium and claimed Obamacare wasn’t his fault.

2 thoughts on “18 days to go and the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper”

  1. I saw that interview too! I’ve been tripping on my jaw ever since. “I will not be persecuted, Megyn.”
    I’m fairly certain I have somehow entered a parallel universe.
    Your blog is awesome, it reminds me I’m not alone!

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