The one big reason why you should care deeply about this election

One of the first things I learned in business is “don’t dump your bucket.”
The term refers to a behavioral trait of storing up minor grievances or disagreements against another person or about a particular situation like tiny drops water, internalizing them so as to avoid conflict. I learned it in a business context related to coworkers, clients, and bosses, but it equally applies to spouses, parents, siblings, etc.  However well intentioned, and for whatever length of time it might seem to work, eventually the bucket does become full. When that time comes, and even though it was just one more tiny drop that caused it to be full, you dump the entire bucket. The backlash from a thousand paper cuts is unleashed all at once on the colleague/client/kin. It’s ugly.
So here I am, having managed to steer clear of the 2016 U.S. Presidential race until now, but I’m afraid the bucket just got full.
Before I begin, a few words about the reality of the overall situation. I believe with 99% certainty that all of this is completely fake. You do realize that the Trumps and Clintons are literally bffs, right? Trump got into the race to do nothing more than dish out some “straight talk” to strengthen his personal brand (h/t Barnhardt) and then drop out once the going got tough. We all know what happened instead.  A great swath of the electorate sees that the country is utterly broken, and it turns out they are willing to take a chance on ANYONE who they think can fix it. The GOP panicked and almost destroyed itself. The traitorous RINOs decided they would rather have Hillary, because she is less of a threat to them. It will be business as usual. Hillary is IN REALITY more like them than Trump is. Think about that. Cucks like Ryan and McCain are actually WORSE than Hillary, because they cloak themselves in fake virtue and “hurt feelings” while actively trying to destroy the one candidate who has the only chance of beating her.
Also, have you wondered why the MSM is reporting Hillary has a ten point lead in the polls, yet Trump is drawing tens of thousands to his rallies, with people lining up days ahead of time, yet she can’t fill a small room? Doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? And how many people are ashamed or deeply offended by Trump, and would never appear at a rally or put a sign in their yard, yet are without question voting for him? Don’t you remember the “polls” showed him losing every state  back during the primaries?  Trump is this popular despite both parties and almost the entire media working to defeat him.
One more uplifting data point, and then I promise we’ll get to the good stuff.  I can say with ONE HUNDRED PERCENT certainty that there is no such thing as “Make America Great Again.”  You must get your head around this, first and foremost.  America is over. The financial system is utterly unsustainable and its collapse is inevitable, the political system is utterly corrupt and not fixable, and the culture/morality war is over – we lost.  No one is capable of saving it by reversing course, nor even capable of a minor course correction. At best, you might get the thrust reduced from flank speed to full speed, but the iceberg is dead ahead. The only way this ends, whenever it does end, is with total societal collapse and hot war.  Aside: Don’t waste one more day failing to prepare for this eventual reality, physically, mentally, spiritually, materially.
So, if it is all fake, and not only fake but also meaningless, then why should we care?  Shouldn’t we just be trying to inform people of the reality on the ground and tell them that participating in this fiasco is nonsensical? Wouldn’t we be better off focusing all of our attention preparing for the aforementioned total collapse?
No. Not if you believe in the eternal life of the soul.
If you believe in the eternal life of the soul, and that every soul has infinite value, then you have a duty to do everything in your power to be a shepherd of souls. Which in this case means doing everything you can to stop Hillary.
I will limit my focus to three important areas where Hillary is clearly more of a threat to souls than Trump: Abortion, National Security, and Conscience.
Hillary will increase abortions, and she will make you pay for them whether you want to or not.  She will almost certainly find a way to personally profit from them. Abortion is always murder, because it involves a human being intentionally killing a totally innocent human being for any reason or no reason at all. This includes partial birth abortions, which she favors HERE, wherein a second or third trimester baby, up to and including on her due date, has her body vaginally extracted up to her neck, scissors jammed in her skull, and her brains either shredded by said scissors or sucked out. Dead baby and a mother irreparably scarred.  That’s what the real War on Women looks like, and you can google video it if you don’t believe me. As this practice increases and the left has ever greater influence on hearts and minds, teaching young girls that there is nothing wrong with this, more souls are at risk.
With regard to National Security, we need to consider both Domestic and Foreign Policy.
Hillary is a monumental threat to the Second Amendment.  If you think that’s a strange place to start the domestic policy discussion, you couldn’t be more wrong. At this point in our history, especially since the Executive overreach of both the Bush and Obama administrations, the Second Amendment is literally our greatest protection against a massive suppression of rights by the federal government. Whether or not you own a gun, this statement remains demonstrably true, and you might want to take a look just in the past hundred years how every out of control central government treats a disarmed citizenry.  It tends not to end well.
Not only this, but her unconstitutional proposals (she really wants total confiscation) come at a time when we have NEVER been under more of a domestic threat of terror. Combine this with her plan to increase migrants/refugees by tens of thousands from countries with known terrorist ties, and absolutely NO WAY to vet them. When they say “Oh no worries, they will be fully vetted”… hello? When you come from a country that has been torn apart and you have zero documentation of who you are or what you’ve done, doesn’t that make vetting impossible? Let’s say we bring in 100,000 muslims, and only one percent have bad intentions. That’s only 1000 terrorists!  It only took 19 on 9/11.
Foreign policy under Clinton will be a continuation of the interventionist Bush/Obama/Hillary doctrine of the past 15 years.  You thought Obama got us out of wars? Um, no.  He and Hillary completely destabilized the situation in places where we had nearly wiped out the threat, plus they intentionally supported the various Spring revolutions which destabilized several other countries, and now we are arming ISIS to fight Assad. Yes, we are.
Which brings me to the point that I hear most often from people who absolutely hate Hillary, but are “scared” of Trump.  “He is so spontaneous, he acts without thinking, he’s going to nuke Russia.” AYFKM?  You think Hillary, who is a psychopath, who has been enriched by foreign interests, who has been mired in the shadow of despicable men for 70 years, as the first woman president would be less hawkish, less aggressive, less provocatory than Trump?  Well, I may have an old Psychology 101 book around here someplace I could send you. Hillary will be DYING to play My Dick Is Bigger Than Yours within weeks of taking office. The obvious specter of unjust war puts millions of souls at risk.
Now onto the third threat, Conscience. The email leaks of the past few days make it clear that the Left views the Catholic Church as a greater threat than Radical Islam. Let that sink in, and then think about the risk to souls. The Clinton team has created at least two ‘catholic’ organizations which are designed to infiltrate and destroy the Church from the inside. Clinton herself has publicly stated that, “Deep-seated religious beliefs MUST BE CHANGED” (yes, of course there is video of this, go look it up). She will force you to change your beliefs to align with hers, which can only mean that open persecution is on the agenda. If your actions support her winning, you will have helped bring about that persecution, which will destroy souls as people genuflect to the state and turn away from God. The few who do remain faithful will first be fined, then lose their jobs, then charged with a crime, then imprisoned, then murdered. That’s how this works.
I don’t want to hear any whining about Trump’s bullshit. He’s a pig, and there is no defending what he said in the 11 year old tape as “locker room talk”. I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms, and boy do I know how to talk dirty, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never joked about being so irresistible that the ladies are lining up and they just love it when I grab them by the pussy. He’s also not very nice, is he? He calls people nasty names, even calls fat girls fat. He made fun of Carly’s face.  He can’t help himself. He is also a monumental flip flopper, to such an extent that we really have no idea how he would prosecute his agenda except on a very narrow range of issues.  He is an adulterous, twice divorced, twice “remarried”, greedy, amoral, narcissistic pig.
None of this matters. All that matters is that the alternative is the most evil, immoral, corrupt, power hungry narcissistic freedom-crushing psychopath ever to run for president. We are talking Stalinist proportions. And PLEASE don’t think for one second that there are any other alternatives. If you consider any third party or write-in candidate, all you are doing is contributing to a Hillary victory.
We’ve got 26 days to go. There is going to be a LOT more stuff coming out on both sides.  We are likely going to find out that both of them are even worse than we had imagined.  So when more stuff comes out, which apparently is going to happen every day for the next 26 days, ask yourself if the new data points that emerge have any impact on what you just read here. Ask yourself if it changes any of the truth I just wrote.
Then hold your nose and get out the vote.

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  1. Boy, that’s tellin it like it is!! I look at it this way: I don’t want to go to my ‘eternal salvation’ and have to face Almighty God to explain to him why I voted either directly or indirectly for pure unadulterated EVIL. The only moral choice we have is to actually go to the polls and vote for Trump, like it or not. God is presenting to all of us our ‘suck it up’ moment, and asking us to TRUST IN JESUS, as He actually does in the end have our back. We have to turn out in such droves that it will be hard for Hillary Clinton to even steal the election, which there is no doubt they’re planning on. If there’s only one thing Trump is correct about it’s this: ‘This election IS RIGGED.’

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