Stop begging for ‘clarification’ on Amoris Laetitia. Francis is clarifying it over and over.

ROME- In a private conversation recently with Polish members of his religious order, the Jesuits, Pope Francis asked them to teach young priests about discernment so they’re able to cope with life’s “gray situations.” HERE

“The Church today needs to grow in the ability of spiritual discernment…Some programs of priestly formation run the risk of educating in the light of overly clear and distinct ideas, and therefore to act within limits and criteria that are rigidly defined in advance and that set aside concrete situations: this must be done, this mustn’t be done,” the pope said during the July 30 meeting he had with some 30 Jesuits.

Totally in line with the ENTIRE POINT of Amoris Laetitia, wouldn’t you say?  I especially despise the term “concrete situations” for its diabolical inversion of Truth:  The repentant sinner is most certainly not in a concrete situation, but rather a changeable situation, but only if he chooses to change.  Whereas the ACTUAL concrete situation is the unchanging nature of doctrine, that prior to 13 March 2013 was known as IMMUTABILITY, which was abolished in AL#301 and toward which Francis wages open warfare on a daily basis  HERE.

Francis said that priests who weren’t taught the “wisdom of discernment” during their formation years, later “find themselves in difficulty in accompanying the life of so many young people and adults. And many people leave the confessional disappointed. Not because the priest is bad, but because the priest doesn’t have the ability to discern situations, to accompany them in authentic discernment,” the pope said.

Open warfare on the sacrament of Confession.  No way around it. The man displays a profound lack of care for souls. We’ve seen him do it before. HERE

Priests above all, but lay people too, need to be taught discernment, the pope said, because “in life, not everything is black over white or white over black. No! The shades of gray prevail in life. We must teach them to discern in this gray area.”

Right.  The laity need to be taught laxity.  Now that you mention it, OF COURSE that’s the problem in the Church and in the world today. My bad.
So when a sinner approaches your confessional, Holiness, and this person knows that the rules are designed by God to bring us closer to God, and he is sorry for breaking these rules, and he wants to change, you teach him to discern the grey?
Well of course.  Isn’t that what the Year of (false) Mercy is all about? HERE

3 thoughts on “Stop begging for ‘clarification’ on Amoris Laetitia. Francis is clarifying it over and over.”

  1. I stopped praying for the “pope’s intentions” several months ago and instead offer them for his conversion or for a new Pope who will obey and adhere to the Magesterium. I have not gone through a “mercy door” and don’t think I can considering who it is that brought it about and what he stands for which is in total opposition to what true Mercy is. Has anyone ever heard him actually say or preach on those most highly important words of Jesus where He said to the woman caught in adultery, “Go and sin no more”? He always seems to forget the heart of what it all means. I’m also praying for the only Pope I’ve ever really known Benedict XVI. I was baptized and confirmed one week before JP2 died. I fear his enemies may not let him live the remainder of his natural life in peace.

  2. What opened my eyes was Bergoglio’s light Show on the Feast of the Immaculate Comception. In the Old Testament we read how the Philistines stole the Ark of the Covenant and tried to fit it to the worship of their pagan fish-god, and how it led to their destruction. This is what Bergoglio also did on December 8th last (the opening of his evil year of false mercy). He has tried to co-opt the Ark of the New Covenant (The Holy and immaculate Virgin) to his false earth-worship Religion.
    This is what he is all about. And his end will be oh so terrible if he does not repent.

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