So… who’s been watching silver?

As in silver, the metal commodity.  I know it’s been a slow news week.
Well my friends, silver is the new black.
Metals are where investors go for safety.  During the height of the financial crisis, gold topped $1800 and Silver went to nearly $50.  It took several years for the prices to recede.  In fact, silver prices only returned to “normal” late in 2015, and gold actually never did sell down to where it was before the crisis.
I’m no expert in this field, but I can do basic math. Silver started the year around $13 and crept to $16-$17 as Brexit neared, fluctuating with each passing act of jihad or the Fed.  Then the Brexit vote and boom.
Gold is up too, but not as much.  The 30 day move for silver of 16.3%, bringing the six month growth to 46%.  And of course this is against the USD; against GBP it’s higher yet.
The reason I like silver is its practicality for use as actual currency.  In a SHTF scenario, this attribute gives silver a huge advantage at street level.  If you need basic necessities, would you be better off carrying coins worth $20 or $1400 each?
Oh, and unless you have physical possession of your metals, you have nothing.  Your “shares” in metal “funds” might as well be used to line the birdcage.
So what are the other factors causing the metals rise, and particularly silver?  Like I said, I’m no expert.  But maybe reality is starting to sink in.
Imminent jihad in the form of mass coordinated attacks, not lone wolf, which will make 9/11 look like a picnic.  Imminent collapse of banks and governments, because we know the money isn’t really there.  Imminent race riots in the U.S. with the possibility of Martial Law.  Two political conventions in the next three weeks, with any manner of possible shenanigans going on.
Think about it.  Would you say it is more or less likely we have a coordinated attack on U.S. soil before the elections?  Not like 9/11, where the targets symbolized the evils of finance and government.  I’m talking about middle America: multiple cities, multiple soft targets, triggering real terror.  Shopping malls, grocery stores, sporting events, schools.  How much would it take to bring this country to a screeching halt, where people would be afraid to go outside?  What happens after that?
Lastly, as I remarked to a deeply Christian but non-Catholic friend on Saturday, “and there’s a heretic in Rome who wears white.”
“Yeah, I’ve noticed.”
Amazing that 99% of Catholics have not.

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