Francis approves adultery as the “fullness of God”

Oh yes, he did.  HERE
Not ambiguous, not confusing, not mistranslated, not misunderstood, no, no, no.  As you digest this, reflect back also to all those footnotes in Chapter Eight, and admit those weren’t ambiguous either.
First, here is today’s Gospel.  It’s not an obscure reading (Mark 10:1-12).

Jesus came into the district of Judea and across the Jordan.
Again crowds gathered around him and, as was his custom,
he again taught them.
The Pharisees approached him and asked,
“Is it lawful for a husband to divorce his wife?”
They were testing him.
He said to them in reply, “What did Moses command you?”
They replied,
“Moses permitted a husband to write a bill of divorce
and dismiss her.”
But Jesus told them,
“Because of the hardness of your hearts
he wrote you this commandment.
But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.
For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother
and be joined to his wife,
and the two shall become one flesh.

So they are no longer two but one flesh.
Therefore what God has joined together,
no human being must separate.”
In the house the disciples again questioned Jesus about this.
He said to them,
“Whoever divorces his wife and marries another
commits adultery against her;
and if she divorces her husband and marries another,
she commits adultery.”

Jesus restores the true fullness of the marriage covenant.  He’s pretty direct about it. It’s a Revealed Truth of the First Class HERE.  The same episode is recounted in Matt 19:9 and Luke 16:18.
Now here is what Francis the Destroyer had this to say about it:

“But Jesus, so merciful, He is so great, that he never, never, never, closes the door to sinners. In the world in which we live, with this culture of the provisional, this reality of sin is so strong. But Jesus, recalling Moses, tells us: “But there is hardness of heart, there is sin, something can be done: forgiveness, understanding, accompaniment, integration, discernment of these cases”…   May Jesus teach us to have at heart a great adhesion to the truth, and also at heart a great understanding and accompaniment for all our brothers who are in difficulty. And this is a gift, this is what the Holy Spirit teaches us, not these enlightened doctors, who to teach us need to reduce the fullness of God to a casuistic equation.”

As I have written over and over again, this is the diabolical inversion of truth.  There is no other way to say it.  It’s not just a twisting, a bending of the truth.  It is nothing less than stating as true, the very thing that has just been demonstrated to be NOT TRUE.
He actually admits that the truth about adultery is in fact the truth as far as adultery goes, but to stop at that is to be a narrow-minded doctor of the law.  The fullness of the Gospel requires to also acknowledge that “the reality of sin is so strong.”  In other words, again, gospel truths are merely “Ideals” that are impossible to live up to.  As Christians, we need to move beyond the law, grow in maturity, and embrace the reality of sin with accompaniment, integration, discernment, etc.  We must combine the truth of the ideals with the truth of a humanity incapable of resisting sin, thus arriving at the GREATER TRUTH.
None of this is a surprise.  All of this was laid out in the Exhortation, chapter and verse. All of this has been covered extensively, HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE and especially HERE.
The man must be deposed.

4 thoughts on “Francis approves adultery as the “fullness of God””

  1. Reblogged this on EX MAGNA SILENTIUM or EX MAGNO SILENTIO and commented:
    This is more of Bergoglio’s Lutheranism. This is why he will go dance with their priestesses and celebrate Luther’s “reformation’ on Halloween. If he actually believes even their distorted understanding of Christianity, which I really doubt.
    As is said here, and by more and more who have eyes to see and ears to hear, this pope must be deposed, and I add further the he be sent to a cold windswept island alone with his delusions so he can no longer have contact with humanity, spreading the errors of his oft mentioned buddy, the “spirit”, also known as his “god of surprises”. Many of us know him by his real name and we see his hand in all of this clearly.

  2. Who would depose him? One could count on one hand the number of cardinals who, at least publicly, have serious reservations with him. He had supporters going back to the ’05 conclave and seemingly even more now. It is, given the make up of those with the authority to do so, virtually impossible that he will be deposed. Perhaps the question we should be asking is what has allowed not just Francis, but his army of foot soldiers to lead the Church. How could that be?

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