Archbishop Forte says the obvious

Archbishop Forte has in fact revealed a “behind the scenes” [moment] from the Synod: “If we speak explicitly about communion for the divorced and remarried,” said Archbishop Forte, reporting a joke of Pope Francis, “you do not know what a terrible mess we will make. So we won’t speak plainly, do it in a way that the premises are there, then I will draw out the conclusions.
“Typical of a Jesuit,” Abp Forte joked.

Yeah, we agree on that last point.
Imagine… an archbishop accuses the reigning pontiff of deception, heresy and sacrilege –  and it is meant AS A COMPLIMENT.   Do you understand how far down the rabbit hole we are?
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The short paragraph from the archbishop, who was hand picked by +Francis as secretary of the synods, sums up everything that has happened in the past year and a half.:

  1. Undermining 2000 years of constant Church teaching in the name of (false) Mercy
  2. Endless pronouncements of error from +Francis without a single correction and many explicitly confirmed by other officials
  3. Endless insults and condemnations of anyone who believes in the law
  4. Two fake synods where the outcome was predetermined
  5. Premeditated deception to draw attention away from the gravity of what is being done
  6. Suppression, and in one case theft, of ideas and materials supporting Truth
  7. A heretical final document not condemned by a single prelate

Everything will continue to accelerate.  These people will be further emboldened with each brazen move that goes unchallenged, save for the dozen bloggers who will call it out.  They must be even more amazed than we are at the pathetic lack of response.  And we already know the next target is Infallibility, because if they crack that, it’s open season.

4 thoughts on “Archbishop Forte says the obvious”

  1. Well, he can’t really attack papal infallibility without cutting off the branch he is sitting on. Wouldn’t any statement he made changing infallibility itself be fallible? He would essentially be saying “I fallibly declare papal statements are fallible” thereby being susceptible to correction by a future pope.

    1. He’s not concerned about being corrected. He’s concerned with destroying the Church. If he can crack open the door on infallibility, all bets are off. It will mean that what we’ve seen thus far is just the opening act.

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