“Ideals” – Some people have them, some people don’t

The thread that runs through Chapter Eight of this wretched document is the same one that runs through the ramblings of this entire papacy.
Because remember, “Morality is always dreadfully complicated to a man who has lost all his principles” HERE.
Traditional marriage (the only kind of marriage that exists, BTW) is being trashed in a way that has that element of diabolical inversion that I speak of frequently.  I see it happening on two levels here.
First, marriage is dragged down to the pit by those who want to see irregular unions normalized.  And I haven’t even touched on the same-sex nonsense that is promulgated in here.  For now, I’m just talking about second “marriages”.  We are told of the “grace” they contain.  We are told of the “worse sin” of renouncing the union, or even, perish the thought, remaining in the union but with perfect chastity.
Second,  while at the same time dragging down traditional marriage, they also hold it up as a nearly impossible to achieve ideal, and it’s done in a way that insults the sacrament at the same time.  In calling marriage a “lifelong burden” (AL36), the mask comes off, and we see plainly that the authors are completely lost.  They are trying to blame-shift the sin of Adultery onto the sacrament of Marriage itself. The sacrament is culpable, the sinner is not.  Unbelievable.
Another axiom from Chesterton comes to mind:  “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.”
Stay with me, because this is KEY to understanding what is really going on here, and just how much poo poo we are in.  The people who wrote this garbage are so far gone, so mired in sin, so far removed from living the gospel, so far removed from even TRYING to live the gospel, that they truly think it isn’t possible.  It’s just too darn difficult, so we need to slather it with “mercy” and change God’s will.
You think I’m judging?  Then try to come up with another explanation for what’s going on here. I mean, if the beautiful concept of remaining faithfully married for a lifetime is soooo hard, that it’s only an “Ideal” that is nearly impossible to achieve, just think what other wretched filth has blackened the souls of these men.
It’s also clear that the I’m Okay You’re Okay nuReligion on display here is deeply rooted in 1968 Hippie Jesus of the Eternal Hug.  It is so shallow and “nice”, it is staggering how so many fall for it.
Step into the time machine with me for a moment.  Assuming you haven’t been 100% faithful in your commitment to TRY to live the gospel since you attained the age of reason, think back to when you actually thought you were Christian, yet you were not.  Remember?  Back when you thought you could jettison the few hard parts you didn’t like, but retain 95% of the faith, and therefore remain Christian.  Remember those days?  Remember when every discussion, whether with someone else or with yourself, would always come back to “Well, I look around at my circle of family and friends, and I’m basically a good person, and that’s what counts.”
Then something triggered you to look deeper.  You realized that being basically a good person in the eyes of society has absolutely nothing to do with it.  In fact, if you are truly trying to live in accordance with the gospel, society will see you as A TERRIBLE PERSON.  A “HYPOCRITE”.  A prude, a bigot, uneducated, unscientific.  A bitter clinger.  Well, it looks like this might not be as fun as I thought, but I’m discovering more and more undeniable Truths, and since this seems like the most real thing I’ve ever experienced, I want more.
Then you discovered the Truth about pornography, the Truth about masturbation, the Truth about divorce and remarriage (otherwise known as Adultery from 33A.D. until 8 April 2016), the necessity of frequent Confession, the beautiful Truth of the Holy Eucharist, the evil of contraception, etc etc.  It probably didn’t take long to realize you were not a Christian at all, and that becoming one was not achievable on your own.  Only through total self-emptying, totally turning your life over to Christ, can you accept these Truths and resolve to live by them.
I proclaim that the authors of this document, with +Francis at the head, have no idea what I’m talking about.  They don’t think it is possible.  That’s why the entire pogrom is about trying to square unrepentant mortal sin with the gospel.
It’s an unprecedented attack on the One True Faith, and it will not stand.

6 thoughts on ““Ideals” – Some people have them, some people don’t”

  1. Sadly, it will stand during our lifetimes and the lifetimes of our children and prolly for as long as we can see into the future.
    There will be no move to try and declare the pope a heretic and depose him if he refuses to repent; any Bishops or Cardinals who try to move against him will be excommunicated and they fear Francis and the potential loses of status and power more than they fear Jesus Christ.
    That is not how things are done in the Shadow Church. How things are done in the Shadow church is perfidy is rewarded – think Kasper – and since the opening speech at Vatican Two (written by Montini) that abandoned discipline, we allow heretics to live long in the church and prosper with their positions and perks with the ecclesiastical quid quo pro being that the prelature never moves against the pope.
    Sure, one can hear the occasional Bishop Schneider opposing the pope but who is he compared to the Pope whom none can judge?
    The sad things is that prolly a sizable majority of the prelature agrees with Franciscus which means (as ABS has long known) we are not only lambs who have been abandoned, we are lambs under attack by the head shepherd on earth and our cries are considered scandalous and undermine of the Church

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