Sex, Lies and Videotape

I’m paraphrasing, but you can watch the video for yourself.
Question:  Papa, in footnote 351 you talk about offering the sacraments to people who are living their lives in a state of public unrepentant mortal sin.  Did you really mean that?
PF:  I can say yes, period.  But go read what +Schonborn said.  And I don’t remember the footnote. HERE
Your Holiness, ahem, you just emphatically answered YES to the footnote.  You can’t claim you don’t know what it says.  But if you want us to read +Francis through +Schonborn, well that makes total sense, +Schonborn being at the forefront of heresy and the dialogue with evil for the past few years HERE.
Now, the official document from +Schonborn was bad enough HERE.  So many distortions and outright lies. In fact, he is lying about the lies.
But then there is the Vatican Radio interview! HERE

Card. Schönborn: I think it is fairly clear: there are circumstances in which people in irregular situations may really need sacramental absolution, even if their general situation cannot be clarified. Pope Francis has himself given an example: when a woman [in an irregular marital situation] comes to confess her abortion – the sin, the grave sin of abortion – not to relieve her, even if her situation is irregular – the discernment of the shepherd can be, and I would say, “must be”: you have to help this person to be freed from her burden, even if you cannot tell her that her marital situation has been regularized by this absolution – but you cannot [let her leave] the confessional with the burden of her grave sin she finally had the courage to come to confess. That was the example he had given, and I think it is a very good example for what this little note could mean in certain cases: i.e. “[…]even the help of sacraments.”

How is it that the cardinal doesn’t understand the very basics of making a good confession, basics that a third grader is taught before making her FIRST confession?

  • Contrition for all your sins is necessary
  • Firm purpose of amendment for all your sins is necessary
  • You must confess all your mortal sins
  • Failing to confess even one mortal sin invalidates the entire confession
  • Even one unrepented mortal sin condemns your soul to Hell for eternity

Well, I guess all that is out the window.  I can’t wait to see the 2017 CCC.  Buy stock in Wite Out.
If you want more, Mundabor has the exhaustive rundown HERE

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