The idiots in Oregon are messing with civil war

I’m talking about Ammon Bundy and his yahoo bunch.
Here’s why what they are doing is foolish and unjustified.  This is not their fight, the Hammonds don’t want help, and there is no imminent threat of death or injury.  The situation is entirely of their own creation.  While you can argue about unfair sentencing, the legal process, and constitutionality of laws, you have to do it whilst obeying the Rule of Law.  Otherwise, you violate the very thing you purport to defend.
I say they are messing with civil war, because they have families there with them.  Women and children.  If Fedgov decides t0 take their building back, it will be military ROEs, and they all die — google “Ruby Ridge” and “Waco Siege”.  There are many MANY patriots who, while not supportive of the actions of the Bundy crew, nevertheless would respond in some way were they slaughtered.
The best overall coverage on this is at Oath Keepers.

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