The Republic is Dead

As of 18 December 2015, no one in the United States with at least a sixth grade education can claim ignorance on this point.
The central doctrine of a just republic is The Rule of Law, which has several components (even wiki gets this right):

  1. The republic is governed by laws, not by the will of its leaders
  2. All citizens are subject to the law, including the law makers
  3. Equal protection under the law

Without getting into the dozens of examples I could cite, let’s just say the Rule of Law has been dead or badly broken since at least 2010.  So everyone with a functioning brain should have been able to glean, for quite some time now, that we were careening seriously off the rails. But what happened on 18 December 2015?   Here’s what happened:  The “republicans” in congress assraped the American Republic on national television.
This budget deal is absolutely hideous.  Unthinkable, really. Remember way back in November 2014, when the people were so fed up with Washington that they handed sweeping victories to the GOP in the House and Senate?  Remember how this was going to be, finally, the game changer to stop/repeal the madness?  Have you noticed how nothing, absolutely nothing, happened?
Because the elites care about no one but themselves, and staying in power.  Paul Ryan?  Yeah, knight on white horse gonna come riding in and save us.  Lindsey Graham?  Voted Yea.  Rubio?  DIDN’T SHOW UP FOR THE VOTE.
The only sane, serious, responsible one of the lot is Cruz, it appears to me.  Unfortunately, it’s too late.  The evil has infiltrated to such an extent, no one man can fix it.  Not with both parties in the tank with each other.
Silver lining:  Read the first paragraph again.  No one can now deny what is going on.  Thank you, Paul Ryan, for exposing your flank.  You’re in the open now.
There is no political solution.

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