Church in crisis?

ICYMI:  Last week, a bunch of heretical cardinals, at the urging of a heretical pope, tried to change Church teaching on sodomy, fornication and adultery.  In other words, they tried to change the truth.  Hmmm… except you can’t change the truth.  2+2=4.  Using “mercy” to claim 2+2=5 just makes you deceitful and pernicious, not merciful.
HELLO>>> it is the OPPOSITE of mercy to tell someone their sinning is no problemo, when it is perfectly clear their (unrepentant) sinning will place them in hell for all eternity.  There’s nothing okay about that.  We have it in scripture and directly from the lips of Our Lord.  The only way to gain mercy is to acknowledge your sin as sin, express contrition and confess your sins, and have a firm purpose of amendment (TRY to avoid the sin in the future).
We are all sinners, and we remain sinners until we die.  No matter how much we perfect ourselves with the aid of God’s grace, we never become perfect until we reach heaven.  However, in order to reach heaven, we must TRY to perfect ourselves and we must have contrition when we fall short.  The culture tries to teach us that sin doesn’t exist; that’s where the devil wins.
So yes, there seems to be great turmoil in Church today.  Who knows where it will go.  What we do know is this:  The Church is indefectible, she is incapable of teaching of erroneous doctrine, and the gates of hell will not prevail against her.  These are the facts, so worry not.
And finally a few words from Ann Barnhardt

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