“All these years, I thought being in communion with the successor of Peter was a significant mark of Roman Catholicism.”

Finally! I am in total agreement with Michael Sean Winters of Fishwrap fame, and I’m tickled! Well, not exactly, but more in the way that a stopped clock is right twice a day.
Being in communion with the successor of Peter is indeed a big deal. It is for this reason that those voicing the harshest criticisms of Bergoglio, while also pledging “loyalty” to him as true pope, have a very big problem on their hands. You CANNOT disobey the teaching authority of a true pope and still remain Catholic. Because Christ told us, promised us, that the office of the papacy would be supernaturally protected from error, forever.
I’m enjoying Sunday family time, so that’s all I’ve got. The full MSW article is HERE. It’s worth a read, because it proves the other side is beginning to panic. It’s a good thing.

“We can all feel it, as though it’s a quickening”

Originally posted 7 July 2019 by Laramie Hirsch over at forge-and-anvil.com. Reprinted here with permission.

Even Demons Know The Chastisement’s Close

In the 1970s, our team—Team Catholic—managed to corner, trap, and interrogate a handful of our most wicked enemies. It would’ve been impossible without the authority of God, but thankfully we Catholics are the True Church and not some schismatic sect. And so, two of our hero-priests held a tidy little inquisition for a sum total of six demons. As Timothy Gordon recently put it, these “red-pilled demons” were chock full of insider information on what our adversaries were up to over 45 years ago. The level of “insider baseball” they revealed was startling—especially considering what we now know about the Catholic Church’s problems. And furthermore, we can know with certainty that our enemies were telling us the truth because the authority of God forced them to. They had no choice. Priests have authority over demons. And thus, we tightened the screws against our adversaries and caught a glimpse of what the other team was up to.
One of the most intriguing pieces of information was that the demons know The Chastisement is close. Only, they have their own lingo for it; they call it The Tribunal. Specifically, they said the following (back then in the mid 70s):

  • If Fatima is not fulfilled, there will come a new Tribunal
  • Something ushers in The Tribunal that “will be worse than the last two times.” [A third world war, from the sound of it.]
  • It won’t be long, now, until The Tribunal
  • Until that time arrives, the demons will work to confuse humanity so much “that they will no longer know what’s up from what’s down.”

This piece of information taken off our enemies is quite valuable. As things stand, we already know that the saints in Heaven and the people on Earth sense this Chastisement. We do not know the hour, day, or the season—but we can all feel it as though it’s a quickening, and we know it’s close. But now we can be certain that even the demons in Hell realize that The Chastisement is about to happen. The implications of this are astounding. It means that people in all realms—and on every side of the wall of Death—are aware that God is about to make His move. We all know it to one degree or another. God is keeping the timing to Himself, but we all feel it like a labor pain.
What incredible intel we’ve snatched from the enemy’s camp! But this report from the field is bittersweet, as the information was wrested from demons possessing young Anneliese Michelle, who later died from malnutrition and dehydration, such was the pitiable condition the demonic possession put her in. That said, Anneliese herself requested that the entire world know what these demons have said. She knew that there was much at stake, that her suffering would win over souls to God’s cause, and that many would be converted through her suffering.
In fact, it seems that God Himself knew what good would come from the possession of Anneliese Michelle , as the demons themselves testify:

Demon: “We are damned eternally! Out! Out! We wish to come out of the snotnose. We cannot bear staying in her any longer. That filthy slut stays the whole day in the church. We are damned! Damned!”
-Exorcist: “Then come out!”
– Demon named Judas“We cannot, because He does not allow it. The one up there, that one does not want it! He wants us to remain. We want to get out from her, who goes to Communion, and she goes every day! We cannot bear this! We wish to come out, out, out!…We wish to come out, but the one up there does not allow us!”

Thus, we can see that there was a higher purpose in permitting the demons to oppress Anneliese. And, indeed, she even knew that she would die. And now, years later, we can see that she was a victim soul who died that so the world would see what Hell was and what the demons were trying to do—that others would be saved. The demons stated during the exorcism sessions that they wanted her to be in a mental institution where priests had no access to her and she would be out of the public eye. But as we can all see, her story broke out to the world, and now we know what the other team has been up to.
There are many other things the demons revealed in their possession of Anneliese Michele. They revealed their evil gladness about post-Vatican II reforms, Communion in the hand, priests facing the people on the other side of the altar, priests not dressing as priests, and pandering to Protestants. All of this can be read from this transcript of the exorcism tapes.
It is good to know what the opposition has been doing. But battlefield intel is no good if it’s not used, and time grows short. If you are not in the Catholic Church, get baptized and confirmed without delay, and worship God in the fullest, most Catholic manner you possibly can. Shed your sins, confess them, repent, and prepare. There’s rough waters ahead.

A prayer on the Feast of the Assumption

Prepare yourself, for this short prayer prompts deep reflection on one’s own faults. These faults impact not only your interior life — the state of your soul — but they also affect everyone around you; family, friends, colleagues. You know it’s true.
Put your faith into our Lord Jesus Christ, for all things are possible with God. And put your hope into the intercession, the maternal care, of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Your Mother loves you.
Our Lady Undoer of Knots, pray for us.
Blessed Feast to everyone!
image1 (3)

The Healing Power of Scorn

As we descend further and further into the madness, keep one thing front and center in your mind: The denial of reality, and the building up of an anti-reality, is not a problem whatsoever with the purveyors of perversion. There is no rational disconnect for them, and so rational arguments are never going to work. The anti-reality they are striving to create —  the ontological fact that it is literally Not Real — is a feature, not a bug.
Whether they are denying that every human being has the right to life (even though their scientism idol shows them that a new human with unique DNA is created at the moment of conception), giving out “free” stuff as if the government actually has any money of its own (tuition, healthcare, debt forgiveness, cell phones, ‘universal basic income’), promoting Love = Love even when sodomy is antithetical to the nuclear family’s central procreative role in civilization, and now, inevitably, TRANS RIGHTS!
See the theme that runs through all of it? Anti. Reality.
Why is anti-reality the core theme? Because Satan has zero creative power, and he can’t stand it. So what he tries to do is build up an anti-reality by corrupting man to such a degree that he willfully abandons his rational intellect. All this is happening right in front of us, at the same time as the rise of the anti-church, with the likely false prophet fore-runner of the Antichrist currently leading it, falsely from the seat of Peter.
Move right along, nothing to see here, folks.
John Zmirak published a piece the other day at Stream that was both wide-ranging and yet brief and to the point. Please read it all HERE. I excerpt some of it here, interspersed with a few recent tweets of interest. The central theme he explores is the viability of employing good old Christian scorn in the battle for truth against the anti-reality, for which my position is… rather clear.

Is it okay to laugh as “Jessica” Yaniv gets raided by the police? That’s the assumed name of a creepy Canadian man who pretends that he’s a woman, marches into women’s salons, and demands that the female workers wax his fully male genitalia. Then he files criminal “human rights” complaints against the salons when they refuse him.

transgender_waxing_hrt_jessica.jpg (780×439)

This man (yes, he’s a man, and it’s not yet illegal in America to say so) enjoys harassing small business owners. No doubt he was inspired by LGBT activists persecuting Christians in America for refusing to play along with the farce of same-sex “marriage.”
To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, it would take a man with a heart of stone not to read of these things and … laugh. What else should we do when ordinary, even handsome men turn themselves into ghastly parodies of women? And all in service of a perversion?


Yes, sin is sad, and evil grieves the heart of God. But it’s also often ridiculous, and in The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis cited St. Thomas More’s biting quote about Satan. “The devil … that proud spirit … cannot endure to be mocked.” And here what we’re mocking is clearly the devil’s work.
We need the courage to say that. Maybe forty years ago, when “gender identity disorder” was still correctly classified as a mental illness, and its victims subject to scorn? The Christian thing to do would have been different. Maybe keep silent, or emphasize how all of us are broken by sin. But now things are different. Now it takes nerves of steel bordering on recklessness to point out that maybe, just maybe, this whole transgender ideology is false. That it’s victimizing kids who might well be autistic. And permanently sterilizing girls having Lesbian “phases.” Grooming or traumatizing little kids by squeezing them between fake boobs at “drag queen story hours.” Destroying women’s sports. But worst of all, drumming into our heads a Gnostic lie from the pit of hell.

Did you hear about the explosion of Leftist rage last week against Mario Lopez, of Saved by the Bell fame, for his deeply hurtful hateful bigoted crusade against trans kids and their parents? Feel free to check out this compendium of backlash HERE (caution, HuffPo link).

Here is exactly what Mario said:

“Look, I’m never one to tell anyone how to parent their kids obviously and I think if you come from a place of love, you really can’t go wrong,” the father of three said in the interview. “At the same time, my God, if you’re 3 years old and you’re saying you’re feeling a certain way or you think you’re a boy or a girl or whatever the case may be … I just think it’s dangerous as a parent to make this determination then. When you’re a kid, you don’t know anything about sexuality yet. You’re just a kid.”


So we are now to the point where your career is in jeopardy if you dare suggest that it might be dangerous to push gender ideology on toddlers. To dare say that three year olds — THREE YEAR OLDS — shouldn’t be encouraged to discern their sexuality with their parents. And yes, if you click the HuffPo link and look at some of the tweets, especially from GLAAD, they want parents to be proactively seeking this dialogue. Which is straight up child abuse, by the way. It’s almost as if their endgame is the sexualization of children…COUGH.
It won’t be just the rich and famous. They will eventually come after all of us, and it’s coming fast. De-platforming is taking on a life of its own, and blogs like this one could be disappeared within months. Would not surprise me at all.

Which can only logically lead to this:
Need I mention yet again how much worse this is going to get? If you don’t believe me, go ahead and click on that last tweet and read his whole thread. (Sorry, “Diana,” I didn’t mis-pronoun you, you’re a guy.)

Father David Nix lays down the law like a boss

Reprinted here, with permission.


Part I:  Why Do We Need Confession and What Is Mortal Sin?

If you know Part I, you can skip to Part II.
We are all born in original sin, meaning the status quo of even the cutest baby on earth before baptism has natural goodness but no supernatural goodness. Still, God has a plan of a supernatural beatitude planned for that baby in heaven in both body and soul. Because transmitted original sin separates us all from God, it would take a great sacrifice of a God-man to reconcile any person born in sin: God, because only a pure and blameless and boundless sacrifice can appease an infinite offense against an infinitely good God. Man, because a sacrifice of man is needed since “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.”—Hb 9:22. Thus, the only thing that can reconcile us sinners to God is a God-man, Jesus Christ on His cross. The merits of His Passion, Death and Resurrection are communicated first by baptism (1 Pt 3:21) and later confession of actual sins to a priest (Jn 20:22-23.)
If we have the grace of being baptized as babies or even as adults, then we have gained what is called “sanctifying grace.” The only way a Catholic can lose sanctifying grace is by committing a mortal sin. Every Catholic on the planet is either in sanctifying grace or mortal sin. There is no grey area in this matter. It’s extremely black and white: Again, every baptized Catholic on the planet is either in sanctifying grace or mortal sin. Those who die in sanctifying grace go to heaven, or heaven via Purgatory. Those who die in mortal sin go to hell. There are many sins like murder or child-abuse that most Catholics know are mortal sins. But the Popes and saints and Bible and Magisterium are Divine Revelation that make it very clear that most modern Catholics are missing some major mortal sins in their confessions. I have listed below the 15 most commonly “missed” mortal sins, not necessarily in order of gravity. I start with the sexual sins not because they are the most flashy, but simply to get them out of the way first. (I actually hate writing blog posts like this, but I care for so many lost Catholics.)
What is a venial sin and a mortal sin? 1 John 5 delineates between venial and mortal sin: “All iniquity is sin. And there is a sin unto death.”—1 Jn 5:17. A venial sin is a smaller sin that can be relieved by asking God’s forgiveness and saying an Our Father (similar to the means by which Protestants claim we are freed from sins in general, as they make no distinction between venial and mortal sins, even though it is explicit in Scripture!).  A mortal sin, however, kicks the Blessed Trinity out of our soul and the only way to regain Jesus’ friendship is through confession to a priest (Jn 20:23). What constitutes a mortal sin? First, grave deeds, but “besides grave matter, there is also required full consciousness of the gravity of the matter, along with the deliberate will to commit the sin.”—Catechism of Saint Pius X . Now, most of the emphasis over the past 50-70 years has been put on the subjective two parts of that above definition.  But even the new Catechism of the Catholic Church says of vincible (lazy) ignorance that “this ignorance can often be imputed to personal responsibility.  This is the case when a man ‘takes little trouble to find out what is true and good, or when conscience is by degrees almost blinded through the habit of committing sin.’ In such cases, the person is culpable for the evil he commits.”—CCC 1790-1791. In other words, if you’re reading this blog post, you’re responsible for knowing the below 15 sins. Even if you stop reading now, you’re still responsible before God.
The good news, however, is that with a General Confession (a lifetime confession) of all your sins, you will leave the confessional as clean and as strong as a baby on the day of its baptism. And you will feel it—immediately. The one thing greater than your ability to sin is your Heavenly Father’s ability to forgive you, so I promise you that God is powerful enough to forgive even the most serious or the most embarrassing sins that you confess. We priests have heard them all, so it’s impossible to shock us. We will not be mean to you.  Confession might seem hard, but think of the trade off: You trade 10 minutes of embarrassment for an eternity in hell that Jesus paid by being tortured for 17 hours for you from the Garden to Caipahas’ house to the scourging to the Cross. The merits of His death for you are communicated by baptism and confession. That is the trade off: that Jesus Christ paid the penalty of all the below sins. Such is his infinite mercy. So, just confess the below sins to a solid priest (namely, who will respect your conscience) because you will feel the weight of the world off your shoulders. Just believe the Church saints and doctors who I quote below on what is mortal versus venial sin. If you have any of the following sins on your heart, you need to confess them (with number, even if estimated) to avoid the fires of hell and the eternal loss of God.

Part II: 15 Mortal Sins Catholics Are Frequently Missing in Their Confessions

1. Contraception, IVF and Abortion. Most readers here know that abortion is murder. But many Catholics do not know that contraception (in marriage or out of marriage) is a mortal sin. Both sterilization (of the man or woman) and/or the condom (male or female) is a mortal sin. These must be confessed to enter sanctifying grace. But there is a worse contraceptive sin than even the condom or sterilization within marriage: Many Catholics do not know that the Oral Contraceptive and the IUD function half the time as a contraceptive and half the time as an abortifacient. I explained the medicine of that in this podcast here. This means that Catholic women on the Pill (and the men who sleep with them) should confess their sorrow not only for the mortal sin of contraception in marriage, but also having killed any of their own children through the use of the Pill, the shot or the birth-control implant in the arm. All of these OCs are chemically wired to first stop ovulation and then, as a back-up, to slough off the inner-lining of the uterus to eject newly formed individuals (your children!) into the toilet.  As most readers know, IVF requires you to sacrifice about 20 of your own children via both “embryo reduction” and “freezing” to get about two of them born.  Thus, IVF is literally murdering and freezing many of your children to get a few born for yourself.  God can quickly forgive the murder of children. If even a priest as intense as me will not scream at anyone in the confessional for this sin, then neither will any priest out there. Just confess it, even if you didn’t know it.
2. Masturbation and/or Pornography, before marriage or within marriage. Some saints have pointed out that sins which exacted physical death in the Old Covenant (Judaism) are frequently the sins that cause spiritual death in the New Testament (Catholicism.) God directly only kills a few people in the Old Testament, and Onan is one of them: “But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his. So whenever he went in to his brother’s wife he would waste the semen on the ground, so as not to give offspring to his brother. And what he did was wicked in the sight of the Lord, and He put him to death also.”—Gen 38:9-10. Thus, sterilization and masturbation and the use of the condom is a mortal sin even when no pornography is used. How about pornography without masturbation? This too is a mortal sin since Jesus said “But I say to you, that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”—Mt 5:28.” In this vein, simply lusting after a woman or a man on the street can be mortal sin! But thankfully St. Francis De Sales (a doctor of the Church) gives us some parameters to know if we consented to such temptations:
3. Immodesty, Including Wearing Leggings and Short Shorts. I could quote countless saints here, but the most succinct description is what the Mother of God said at Fatima: “Certain fashions will be introduced that will offend Our Lord very much.”—Our Lady of Fatima, 1917. What are these certain fashions? If not leggings and short shorts, then what? Strangely, many Catholic women know this quote from Fatima, but they only apply it to women who wear less than themselves. Ladies, when you hear that quote from Our Lady of Fatima that certain fashions will lead you (and the men who look at you) to hell, are you imagining some imaginary time in the year 3022 when some fashion gets worse than leggings and short shorts? What could be more revealing than something that shows every nook and cranny below your waist?  What would this magical outfit be that could be worse than that? There is nothing. Rather, let me assure you: The Mother of God very much meant that short shorts, leggings and bikinis will lead you to hell, including letting your little girls wear leggings.  If you wear these things to Mass, you should also confess sacrilege.  Or, if you don’t believe my interpretation of Mary’s words, then go for it. Wear it and let your daughters prance around Target in short-shorts and leggings.  But might I suggest Pascal’s wager for this one: If your parish priest is right and Fr. Nix is wrong on his interpretation of Fatima, then the most you have lost is a little “comfort” in avoiding leggings for believing me in an erroneous state. But if Fr. Nix is correct in his interpretation (that Mary meant nothing worse than leggings and short-shorts) then just meditate on your first 15 seconds in hell. As Fr. Z says, just meditate on your first 15 seconds in hell.  Meditate on that 7000 degree furnace for fifteen seconds and the realization that you just lost God forever because you thought leggings (again, that showed every nook and cranny of your nether-regions to every man around you) led you and countless men to hell for the sake of “comfort.” Am I using fear of hell to get you to stop wearing leggings and short shorts? Hell yes, I am.
4 Before marriage, making-out or anything more passionate than that. St. Thomas Aquinas writes:  “I answer that a thing is said to be a mortal works. One may sin in two ways. First, by reason of its species, and in this way a kiss, caress, or touch does not, of its very nature, imply a mortal sin, for it is possible to do such things without lustful pleasure, either as being the custom of one’s country, or on account of some obligation or reasonable cause. Secondly, a thing is said to be a mortal sin by reason of its cause: thus he who gives an alms, in order to lead someone into heresy, sins mortally on account of his corrupt intention. Now it has been stated above (FS, Q[74], A[8]), that it is a mortal sin not only to consent to the act, but also to the delectation of a mortal sin. Wherefore since fornication is a mortal sin, and much more so the other kinds of lust, it follows that in such like sins not only consent to the act but also consent to the pleasure is a mortal sin. Consequently, when these kisses and caresses are done for this delectation, it follows that they are mortal sins, and only in this way are they said to be lustful. Therefore in so far as they are lustful, they are mortal sins…”—ST II.II.154.4 c
5. In marriage, anything unnatural. The two greatest moral theologians of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Alphonsus Ligouri both teach that anal sex and oral sex in marriage is a mortal sin. If you confess this sin, expect many parish priests to say, “it’s not a sin.” Then, you will say, “But St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Alphonsus Liguori both say it’s a mortal sin.” Then, your parish priest will probably say: “But they’re not infallible.” This reveals his total lack of understanding of Divine Revelation –  that so much more than ex-cathedra statements are infallible in the Catholic Church. I don’t have time to re-vamp every priest’s six years in a single blog post on mortal sins and how hundreds of Popes agree with those two saints, so please just go to a traditional priest who knows this…or…pull out a modernist priest’s favorite line: “Please just respect my conscience in confessing this!”
6. Homosexual Acts. All sexual sins (heterosexual or homosexual) are mortal sins if committed with consent. But homosexual sins are not only under the category of mortal, but under the category of mortal PLUS sins that are said to cry to God for vengeance. This means that sodomy is one of the four worst mortal sins you can commit.  There is nothing wrong with same-gender friendship, but ramming a penis in an anus is filthy and evil and violent.  That is what sodomy is.  I know there are some priests out there committing sodomy, and other priests out there not committing sodomy but celebrating those who do commit sodomy. Let me be very blunt for the sake of your soul: If you are committing homosexual sins and do not repent, confess them and try your best to stop, you will go to hell forever. I’m sorry to be blunt, but I say this because I love you, and I really believe God can forgive everyone’s sins. Everyone knows God is merciful, but He is also powerful enough to forgive such filthy sins and make you clean again. Just listen to my friend Joseph Sciambra in our interview here or here.
7. Chronic failure to catechize your kids. Many good mothers and fathers occasionally miss some catechetical lessons for their kids, and that is not a big deal. That is why I say it’s only a mortal sin if you had a chronic(lifetime) failure to catechize your children. So, if you fail to learn the Catholic faith and fail to teach it to your children (and I don’t mean to just Sunday Mass, I mean the fullness of the Catholic faith) then this is a mortal sin. This is especially directed at biological fathers and priests, as you are called to be the main catechizers of your families and flocks. Look, none of this is legalism. It all comes down to love: “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”—Jn 14:15. How can your children know Jesus if you don’t teach them how to pray and meditate and pray the Rosary? The Rosary, when prayed correctly, truly introduces us to Jesus Christ so your kids will never hear this from Our Lord at the end of their lives: “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’”—Mt 7:21-23
8. Greatly harming someone’s reputation. St. Ignatius of Loyola writes, “If I reveal a hidden mortal sin of another, I sin mortally. If I reveal a hidden venial sin, I sin venially; if his defect, I manifest my own.” That means that if I gossip that my neighbor committed adultery, it puts me in mortal sin, as I have revealed a hidden mortal sin. But key to this phrase is the word “hidden” because if you reveal, for example, that your mother no longer goes to Mass or your father left the Catholic Church, these are public mortal sins. Not that they should be talked about a lot, but discussing a public mortal sin, say of a politician, where it is not good practice for the Catholic, is not mortal sin. Another exception to this is intervention. For example, if your neighbor is sexually molesting his children, you are required to call the police. If your uncle is an alcoholic, you may need to have an intervention. It is not a sin to discuss these things, but it always must be for physical safety and eternal salvation of others.  Also, be sure to avoid couching the gossip of mortal sins into prayer: “Yeah, that gal in our Bible Study really needs prayers because she keeps flirting with the priest.” Again, St. Ignatius of Loyola: “If I reveal a hidden mortal sin of another, I sin mortally.”
9. Missing Sunday Mass without good reason and/or unnecessary work on Sunday. Before Vatican II, both of these were tied together in all priest’s moral theology training. Now, I am absolutely shocked how many priests today admit that missing Sunday Mass is a mortal sin (good on those priests for admitting that) but deny my assertion that unnecessary work on Sunday is a mortal sin (an oversight that might land many priests in hell.) I do not have time to quote countless Popes on this one, so I will just give a quote from the patron of all priests, St. John Vianney, who saw people pushing their farming carts around on Sunday. He said, “I see them pushing their carts and I see them pushing them into hell.” Could we not say that at a Wal-Mart on Sunday? “I see them pushing their carts, and I see them pushing them into hell.” Again, a caveat is in order. There is necessary work on Sunday. For example, the medical field requires workers on Sunday: “Is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do harm, to save life or to kill?”—Mark 3:4. Or, if you have a big feast for your family on Sunday, of course it may be necessary to do a couple hours of clean up. Also excepted is charity work: cleaning up your Church, or working at a soup kitchen. These are not only permitted, but even encouraged on Sundays. But all in all, we should work on Saturdays like Jews work on Fridays to get everything done. I can already hear a lot of priests reading this blog post and their response to me: “But under the new law we are free in Jesus Christ so why compare us to Old Testament Jews and the Sabbath?” My answer: “Precisely so we can be the free sons of God on Sundays with our families.”
10. Denying your workers a fair wage. Pope St. Pius X writes in his Catechism, “The sins that are said to cry to God for vengeance are these four: (1) Willful murder; (2) The sin of sodomy; (3) Oppression of the poor; (4) Defrauding labourers of their wages.” Those last two must be highly considered by any Catholic business owners out there. These are the four most serious sins that the Church has put forth. This is not antiquated devotionals of Fr. Nix. This is the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Many more parts of our articulated faith and morals are infallible than just the two ex-cathedra statements.
11. Getting Drunk or High. I will be coming out with a podcast or blog post on drugs in the future, so let’s briefly focus on why getting drunk on alcohol is a mortal sin. Getting drunk is not a mortal sin only because it leads to doing other mortal sins (like most people say today), but also in and of it itself, drunkenness overturns the greatest natural gift given to us, our reason. The threshold to balance between buzzed and drunk for St. Alphonsus Liguori is not as difficult to meet as some might have thought: “It is certain among all authorities that for it to be the case that drunkenness to be a mortal sin it is required that it would be perfect drunkenness, namely that it would altogether deprive one of the use of reason, just as St. Thomas teaches (II IIæ q. 150, a. 2), and with all the doctors. The malice of drunkenness consists in this, that a man, wishing and knowing, deprives himself of the use of reason. St. Antoninus teaches the same thing in p. 2 tit. 6, c. 3 § 1. This is why one would not sin mortally that did not altogether lose the use of reason from drinking wine, even if the mind were disturbed, but not so much that he were not able to discern between good and evil, as the authors commonly say…{It is] the common opinion to teach that drunkenness is not a mortal sin if it would deprive one from reason for only a brief period.”—St. Alphonsus Liguori Theologia Moralis, book II (in the Gaude edition it is a different number, but I forget which) On Sin, chapter 3, on the Capital Sins, Article II, what is Drunkenness? no. 75,
12. Saying the Name of Jesus in Vain. In the Second Part of the Second Part, question 122 article 3, St. Thomas Aquinas expounds on Exodus 20:7, “Thou shalt not take the name of…thy God in vain,” by saying that this is actually blasphemy, and that “blasphemy or any word or deed that is an insult to God is much more grievous than perjury.” Thus, saying “Jesus Christ!” in vain (not in prayer or praise or supplication) is a mortal sin. Remember, as I said above, that sins exacting death in the Old Testament usually cause spiritual death in the New Testament. Please remember that the name of Jesus is as holy as the name Yahweh, because it is the same person, God. If someone said the latter in the Old Testament, they would be stoned to death. Nowadays, in the New Covenant, judgment is reserved, which is why we do not die immediately upon committing a mortal sin like saying God’s name in vain.  In short, we have time to confess this sin before judgment. Now, I doubt that saying “Oh my God! is a mortal sin.” Also, if you slam your finger in your car door and yell Our Lord’s Most Holy Name, it is probably not a mortal sin since you did not act with full consent. Obviously, if you’re going through childbirth or being tortured for Christ, yelling the holy name of “Jesus!” is not only not sinful, but even meritorious, as you are begging Him for help!  But just going around and misusing the Holy Name of Jesus in a willy-nilly manner is most certainly a mortal sin that calls down punishment on you and those around you. As I always tell youth groups: “When you say the name of Jesus in prayer, angels come to you and demons flee. When you misuse the name of Jesus, angels flee and demons come to you.”
13. Denying the Catholic faith, including any involvement in the occult, even tarot cards or Ouija boards.Jesus said: “So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven, but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.”—Mt 10:32-33. Dabbling in other religions is a direct denial of Jesus Christ, as is permitting your children to play with tarot cards and Ouija boards. All of these are mortal sins that must be confessed before receiving Holy Communion. Is reading Harry Potter or letting your children read Harry Potter a mortal sin? I don’t know, but I’d encourage you to listen to Fr. Ripperger (an exorcist) at minute 57 here.
14. Skipping Friday Penance. From the earliest days of Christianity, Fridays were a day of fasting, since Jesus died for us on a Friday. In fact, all the way up to Vatican II, Catholics had to refrain from meat for about 50 Fridays a year. This was bound under mortal sin. Has that changed? No. The new Code of Canon Law released under Pope John Paul II has only changed the type of penance, not the requirement for a Friday penance. Now, the suggested is still to stay meatless, but a substitutionary penance is permitted in the new 1983 code. In other words, we are still bound under grave matter to do some penance (physically hard act of returning to God) on Fridays, even if it is not refraining from meat. But to refrain from meat is the clearest indication we are not skirting around such grave matter, so I highly suggest all readers (except the very old, very young, sick and pregnant) to refrain from meat on all Fridays except 1st class Feasts (solemnities in the new calendar.)
15. Receiving Holy Communion with any of the above sins on your heart. The Catechism of Pope St. Pius X says: “He who goes to Communion in mortal sin receives Jesus Christ but not His grace; moreover, he commits a sacrilege and renders himself deserving of sentence of damnation.” Furthermore, the Council of Trent (an infallible Council) says: “For no crime is there heavier punishment to be feared from God than for the unholy or irreligious use of the Eucharist.” (Trent, De Euch v.i.) Please, if you have committed any of the above sins, go to confession before receiving the most holy Body and Blood of the Lord.
Finally, if your parish priest or confessor doubts any of the above are mortal sins, please tell him I will debate him publicly on the Magisterium in any place, in any forum (his parish, street corner, or on YouTube) at any time he wants.

  1. “Sometimes we are caught off guard by certain symptoms of pleasure immediately following a temptation. At most, this can only be a very slight venial sin. However, it becomes greater if, after we perceived the evil that has befallen us, we carelessly delay for some time and dally with the pleasure to decide whether we ought to allow or reject it. The sin becomes still greater, if, after becoming aware of the pleasure, we dwell on it for some time through downright negligence and without any determination to reject it. When we voluntarily and with full deliberation resolve to take pleasure in such delights, this deliberate purpose is of itself a grave sin if the object in which we take delight is also very evil.”—St. Francis De Sales in “Introduction to the Devout Life,” Chapter 4 part 6 on “How temptation and pleasure may become sinful.” 
  2. Where kissing is probably permitted anywhere on the body in marriage, St. Alphonsus Liguori says that “it is a mortal sin for a man to put his penis in his wife’s mouth” and St. Thomas Aquinas says it is a mortal sin to put anything but a husband’s penis in his wife’s vagina. 

The descent into anti-reality will come with generous doses of blatant lying and incitement to violence, like this

Imagine your only news source is CNN or MSNBC, which of course means you trust them to give you the straight skinny.

Yes, she really said that. In case the video won’t play, here is the direct LINK.
Now imagine that it’s somehow okay and no problemo at all for the other side to portray the open slaughter of Trump supporters on movie screens across America:

“Did anyone see what our ratfucker-in-chief just did?” one character asks early in the screenplay for The Hunt, a Universal Pictures thriller set to open Sept. 27. Another responds: “At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.”
In the aftermath of mass shootings within days of one another that shocked and traumatized the nation, Universal is re-evaluating its strategy for the certain-to-be-controversial satire. The violent, R-rated film from producer Jason Blum’s Blumhouse follows a dozen MAGA types who wake up in a clearing and realize they are being stalked for sport by elite liberals.
The Hunt stars Betty Gilpin from GLOW and Hilary Swank, representing opposite sides of the political divide. It features guns blazing along with other ultra-violent killings as the elites pick off their prey…
Given the fraught political climate — particularly in the wake of the attack in El Paso, which was motivated by anti-immigrant bigotry — studio sources say Universal is evaluating its plans in what one called “a fluid situation.” A high-level insider says top executives want to stand by Blum, one of the studio’s most prolific and successful producers, as well as filmmaker Craig Zobel, and see the project as a satire addressing an issue of great social importance. But this person says plans could change “if people think we’re being exploitative rather than opinionated.” FULL ARTICLE HERE

Oh and this…

It’s going to get so much worse. Get your head around it.
If might be a good time to revisit the following post from two years ago, August 2017, and see if anything I wrote back then seems to make more and more sense. Rational argument will no ever work with these people. The more anti-reality it gets, the more they like it. We are going to see a steady ramping up to November 2020, and it’s going to be a long 15 months, folks.

ANTIFA: Rapidly approaching the flash point

Folks, how’s your bearing? I have the feeling it’s about to get real, don’t you? Are you planning your contingencies? What’s it going to take?
The title of this post isn’t hyperbole; it’s an understatement. We are actually past the flash point. Quick chemistry refresher:

  • Flash Point is the temperature at which a substance will ignite, given an ignition source
  • Fire Point is the temperature at which a substance will stay ignited, even if the ignition source is removed
  • Kindling Point is the temperature at which a substance spontaneously ignites

I would say metaphorically we are now between the latter two. The majority of Americans are still asleep, and football season starts in a couple weeks, when bread and circuses make it that much harder to penetrate the opioids. So time is short and you have a lot of work to do. Here are three things to know and share regarding Antifa, the name itself being a perfect example of diabolical inversion of truth:

1. The MSM will support, glorify and carry water for Antifa, because in their minds, remember, “they go low, we go high”

This headline at CNN is strikingly accurate, other than the word “activists”. It looks like a headline for a story exposing and condemning the terror tactics, incitement to violence and actual violence of this group, which started mildly with Occupy, morphed into BLM, and now really a coalition of Antifa/Occupy/BLM. But here’s the catch: The story itself is sympathetic to Antifa. Which means the headline, read it again, is endorsing the use of violence to stop free speech. The ideology is so embedded, the copy editors couldn’t even see the stark irony of this, which is perhaps the most telling and dangerous symptom of all. They are saying that bricks, bats and urine cannons are acceptable tools of justice against people who’s ideas you disagree with. Oh, and the only reason they don’t yet have better weapons is because they’re all anti-gun.  Give it time, they will “evolve”.

Don’t worry, we’re only here for the “Nazi’s”

2. These people actually believe that they are the enforcers of liberty, freedom, and justice for all; they fancy themselves the DEVGRU of SJW

I’m not talking about the NWO globalists who are funding this. I’m talking about the boots on your neck the ground, the riotous mobs.  They can’t even hear you when you try to tell them that you hate Nazis too. These people have been turned into militarized zombies through indoctrination and desensitization, undergirded by a profound lack of education.  This could only have been done in a post-Christian society, and only after a learned disregard for the human person, through a steady diet of fornication, contraception, abortion and pornography.  After the war, books will be written on that last sentence.
Having been thus conditioned, now they finally have something they can feel part of, and they’ve emerged from their parents’ basements to wage war against sanity. This is where we are in America, and there is no longer any excuse for being in the dark about it.

3. Incredibly, “Average Americans” are still totally in the dark about the seriousness of the situation

Obviously, this is partly due to said average American also being completely awash in the fornication, contraception, abortion and pornography I just mentioned. But I’m also talking about people in their 30s/40s/50s who I talk to every day, centrists on the left and the right. One center left friend remarked this weekend that he saw Antifa as “garden variety liberals”, and thinks them to be generally harmless. Many others think the despicable white nationalists “had it coming”. When I try to explain that’s not how free speech works, that’s not how the First Amendment works, and the only trajectory this mindset leads to, all I get is hysteria. Literally.

Nope, no irony here, move along

But still, we have to keep trying. The ones who are willing to engage in reasoned dialogue are still reachable.  But in order to understand just how difficult this is going to be, you need to do a little prep work by reading up on Belief Perseverance and Cognitive Bias. I won’t make a long post longer by going into those here.  Just take ten minutes and research the terms.
You won’t convert anyone in one conversation, but you can certainly get one or two nuggets through. May I suggest that the one concept to focus on is the trajectory I mentioned earlier. There is only one place this leads if it’s not stopped, and it’s going to be much, much worse than anything you can imagine. Did you think we’ve somehow progressed to the point of being incapable of the atrocities of the past? Not only are you wrong, but sadly it’s worse than you can even imagine. Because of the devaluing of human life as a result of the conditioning/desensitization we discussed, we are now actually capable of atrocities far WORSE than in the past, or at least the recent past.


Thy lightnings enlightened the world

“Thy lightnings enlightened the world: the earth shook and trembled.”  –Introit, Feast of the Transfiguration. (Ps 76:19)

hqdefault.jpg (480×360)
13 February 2013

Happy Feast! Reminds me of a certain sermon on the Transfiguration, directly comparing the Transfiguration to a pope who transfigures the nature of his papacy, morphing it into a service of quite suffering, yet while retaining the authority of the Office, allowing others to drag him where he does not wish to go, more and more allowing himself to be nailed to the cross. Those were the words of Cardinal Ratzinger, 41 years ago.
The sermon was posted by EWTN. But sometime after I published the following essay, they took it down; the link is now dead.

“He has not abandoned the OFFICE of Peter – something which would have been entirely impossible for him after his irrevocable acceptance of the OFFICE”

Have you heard about the mysterious case of Archbishop Ganswein and the obscure, “unpublished,” 41 year old sermon by Joseph Ratzinger, then Cardinal Archbishop of Munich-Freising, delivered at his Frauenkirche Cathedral (Cathedral of Our Lady) on 10 August 1978? Well, pull up a chair!
First, here is an excerpt from +Ganswein’s infamous speech at the Greg, 20 May 2016, in which he mentions the mystery sermon:

Since the election of his successor Francis, on March 13, 2013, there are not therefore two popes, but de facto an expanded ministry — with an active member and a contemplative member. This is why Benedict XVI has not given up either his name, or the white cassock. This is why the correct name by which to address him even today is “Your Holiness”; and this is also why he has not retired to a secluded monastery, but within the Vatican — as if he had only taken a step to the side to make room for his successor and a new stage in the history of the papacy which he, by that step, enriched with the “power station” of his prayer and his compassion located in the Vatican Gardens.
It was “the least expected step in contemporary Catholicism,” Regoli writes, and yet a possibility which Cardinal Ratzinger had already pondered publicly on August 10, 1978 in Munich, in a homily on the occasion of the death of Paul VI. Thirty-five years later, he has not abandoned the Office of Peter — something which would have been entirely impossible for him after his irrevocable acceptance of the office in April 2005. By an act of extraordinary courage, he has instead renewed this office(even against the opinion of well-meaning and undoubtedly competent advisers), and with a final effort he has strengthened it (as I hope). Of course only history will prove this. But in the history of the Church it shall remain true that, in the year 2013, the famous theologian on the throne of Peter became history’s first “pope emeritus.” Since then, his role — allow me to repeat it once again — is entirely different from that, for example, of the holy Pope Celestine V, who after his resignation in 1294 would have liked to return to being a hermit, becoming instead a prisoner of his successor, Boniface VIII (to whom today in the Church we owe the establishment of jubilee years). To date, in fact, there has never been a step like that taken by Benedict XVI. So it is not surprising that it has been seen by some as revolutionary, or to the contrary as entirely consistent with the Gospel; while still others see the papacy in this way secularized as never before, and thus more collegial and functional or even simply more human and less sacred. And still others are of the opinion that Benedict XVI, with this step, has almost — speaking in theological and historical-critical terms — demythologized the papacy.

You can read the unabridged English translation of the speech from Diane Montagna HERE. The original reportage from Ed Pentin is HERE.
There is a lot to unpack just in this brief excerpt, starting with “demythologized the papacy.” This concept appears over and over in the +Miller book, which lays out the desired end result of transformating the nature of the papacy, dissolving the monarchy into a synodal ministry, that was being pushed around all the best German cocktail parties of the 60s and 70s. In particular, this idea was the pet project and lifetime work of Cardinal Walter Casper, antipope Bergoglio’s “favorite theologian” HERE . Are you telling me +Ganswein had no knowledge of this fact, and randomly pulled a fifty dollar word like “demythologized” out of thin air?
I’ve already written several posts on this speech that I won’t rehash here. Just read the plain words that the man spoke. Read the headline of this post. It’s right there in front of you.
Now, about that sermon he referenced; what exactly was the “possibility which Cardinal Ratzinger had already pondered publicly on August 10, 1978 in Munich…” What in the word was he talking about, and how would he have ever known about it or remembered it unless someone (cough) tipped him off that there was some stunning clue left there 41 years ago?
Guess what? Someone conveniently made it readily available, in the strangest way. Not only was I able to dig it up in five seconds, in English, but it also turns out that it had remained unpublished until… June of 2013, three months into the Bergoglian Antipapacy. That’s quite a coincidence, folks.

Here is the intro to the homily as published by EWTN:

“Four days after Paul VI’s death, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, celebrated Mass in his Bavarian Cathedral on 10 August 1978 for the late Pope. His homily was printed in the archdiocesan bulletin, ‘Ordinariats-Korrespondenz’. For the 50th anniversary of Pope Montini’s election (21 June 1963), ‘L’Osservatore Romano’ translated and published the text in n.141 of the Daily and a synthesis was published in the English weekly edition, n. 26. The following, however, is an unabridged translation.”

Paul VI died on the Feast of the Transfiguration, 6 August 1978. Benedict crafted his homily to draw parallels between the Transfiguration and…wait for it…the possibility of the “transfiguration” or “metamorphosis” of a pope and his pontificate. Here is the relevant passage to latch onto, emphasis mine:

The transfiguration promised by faith as a metamorphosis of man is primarily a journey of purification, of suffering. Paul VI increasingly accepted his papal service as a metamorphosis of faith into suffering. The last words the Risen Lord spoke to Peter after making him the shepherd of his flock were: “when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and another will gird you and carry you where you do not wish to go” (Jn 21:18). It was a hint of the crucifixion that lay in store for Peter at the end of his journey. It was, in general, a hint of the nature of this service. Paul VI, increasingly, let himself be taken where, humanly, by himself, he did not wish to go. For him his pontificate meant more and more allowing another to clothe him and allowing himself to be nailed to the cross. We know that before his 75th birthday — and also before his 80th — he fought strenuously against the idea of retiring. Moreover, we can imagine how heavy the thought must be of no longer belonging to ourselves; of no longer having a single private moment; of being enchained to the very last, with our body giving up and with a task that day after day demands the total, vigorous use of a man’s energy.. “None of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself. If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord” (Rom 14:7-8). These words of today’s Reading word for word defined Paul VI’s life. By bearing it as a suffering he gave new meaning to authority as service.He took no pleasure in power, in position, in having had a successful career; andprecisely because he bore authority as a responsibility “another will gird you and carry you where you do not wish to go” — his authority became great and credible.

So we have references to bravely resisting retirement, being clothed by another, being taken you where you do not wish to go, becoming a prisoner/crucified, giving NEW meaning to authority as service, and bearing authority as a responsibility, presumably referencing the last years of Pope Paul’s life, when he clearly was no longer governing the Church himself, yet he still bore the authority as the holder of the Office. Moreover, Ratzinger thinks Pope Paul’s suffering actually increased the greatness and credibility of his authority,even though outwardly he was no longer governing.
He says of Pope Paul that he was enchained to the last, with his “body giving up and with a task that day after day demands the total, vigorous use of a man’s energy.” Compare this to the Latin Declaratio, where Benedict says a lack of vigor is to blame for his own inability to adequately fulfill all of the day to day demands:  “in order to govern the barque of Saint Peter and proclaim the Gospel, both strength (literally “vigor” in the original Latin) of mind and body are necessary, strength which in the last few months, has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry…”
He says of Pope Paul, “we can imagine how heavy the thought must be of no longer belonging to ourselves; of no longer having a single private moment…” That sounds an awful lot like what Benedict said about himself in the crucial passage from his last (so far) General Audience:

Here, allow me to go back once again to 19 April 2005. The real gravity of the decision was also due to the fact that from that moment on I was engaged always and forever by the Lord. Always – anyone who accepts the Petrine ministry no longer has any privacy. He belongs always and completely to everyone, to the whole Church. In a manner of speaking, the private dimension of his life is completely eliminated…
The “always” is also a “forever” – there can no longer be a return to the private sphere. My decision to resign the active exercise of the ministry does not revoke this. I do not return to private life, to a life of travel, meetings, receptions, conferences, and so on. I am not abandoning the cross, but remaining in a new way at the side of the crucified Lord. I no longer bear the power of office for the governance of the Church, but in the service of prayer I remain, so to speak, in the enclosure of Saint Peter. Saint Benedict, whose name I bear as Pope, will be a great example for me in this. He showed us the way for a life which, whether active or passive, is completely given over to the work of God.

Was Benedict a prisoner as pope 2005-2013, being crucified by his tormentors? Is he a prisoner now, enchained to the last, 2013-present? Did he, with the step he took in February 2013, “give new meaning to authority as service?” Does he see himself as imprisoned, as if in exile, and yet remaining “in a new way, so to speak, in the enclosure of St. Peter?”
Ahem. Popes in prison and Popes in exile are still the pope. Capisci?
There are breadcrumbs everywhere, folks. Sometimes they show up out of nowhere after 41 years.



The Bride of Christ, caught in adultery?

Wait for the punchline.

The Lord is purifying his Bride and converting all of us to himself. He is letting us be put to the test in order to make us realize that without him we are simply dust. He is rescuing us from hypocrisy, from the spirituality of appearances. He is breathing forth his Spirit in order to restore the beauty of his Bride, caught in adultery.
“Pope” Francis, letter to priests, 4 August 2019. HERE

Except they got the translation wrong. Here is the Italian:

sorpresa in flagrante adulterio.

Caught in flagrant adultery; caught in the very act. We even use the term “in flagrante” in English.
This is sick. Is the Bride of Christ the Whore of Babylon?
Although I wonder, maybe he is just referring to the Cardinaliate as adulterers for calling a faux conclave in March of 2013, in violation of Canon 359, because they had no authority to do so while the See was still occupied? The analogy works, because they abandoned their true pope, ran off with a fake pope, and they continue their sordid affair to this day, every one of them in silence.
Alas, no, I don’t think that’s it.