CNN cries for Argentina

By Stefano Pozzebon, , Abel Alvarado and , CNN
Javier Milei has won Argentina’s presidential elections in provisional results, wrenching his country to the right with a bombastic anti-establishment campaign that drew comparisons to former US President Donald Trump – all against the backdrop of one of the world’s highest inflation rates.

His rival Sergio Massa conceded the run-off vote on Sunday evening in a brief speech even before official results were announced. “Milei is the president elected for the next 4 years,” said Massa, adding that he had already called Milei to congratulate him.

Provisional results so far show Milei with over 55% of votes (13,781,154) with more than 94% of votes counted, according to data from the country’s National Electoral Chamber, which has not yet declared an official winner.

Milei’s victory marks an extraordinary rise for the former TV pundit, who entered the race as a political outsider on a promise to “break up with the status quo” – exemplified by Sergio Massa.

Milei, a social conservative with ties to the American right, opposes abortion rights and has called climate change a “lie of socialism.” He has promised to slash government spending by closing Argentina’s ministries of culture, education, and diversity, and by eliminating public subsidies.

Similarities to Trump have not gone unnoticed in the United States as it prepares for its own presidential elections. Milei succeeded in attracting attention not only because of his political style – including wielding chainsaws and raging outbursts – but also because of the novelty of his positions and eagerness to upset the status quo…

I met “AI Jesus” and it’s as creepy as you might expect

This thing already has 800K followers and 9M likes. Not as much heresy as I expected, but definitely too much of the diabolically inverted “prosperity gospel.”

Is it blasphemous to create this content, even out of goodwill? Is it blasphemous to merely view it? Leave a comment.

It’s tiktok, so be advised.

Neocon WSJ finally throws in the towel on Ukraine… hard

It’s Time to End Magical Thinking About Russia’s Defeat


Putin has withstood the West’s best efforts to reverse his invasion of Ukraine, and his hold on power is firm. The U.S. and its allies need a new strategy: containment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a National Unity Day ceremony in Moscow, Nov. 4. Almost two years after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Putin has reason to believe time is on his side. PHOTO: MIKHAIL METZEL/SPUTNIK/ASSOCIATED PRESS



As Russian President Vladimir Putin looks toward the second anniversary of his all-out assault on Ukraine, his self-confidence is hard to miss. A much-anticipated Ukrainian counter-offensive has not achieved the breakthrough that would give Kyiv a strong hand to negotiate. Tumult in the Middle East dominates the headlines, and bipartisan support for Ukraine in the U.S. has been upended by polarization and dysfunction in Congress, not to mention the pro-Putin leanings of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Putin has reason to believe that time is on his side. At the front line, there are no indications that Russia is losing what has become a war of attrition. The Russian economy has been buffeted, but it is not in tatters. Putin’s hold on power was, paradoxically, strengthened following Yevgeny Prigozhin’s failed rebellion in June. Popular support for the war remains solid, and elite backing for Putin has not fractured.

Western officials’ promises of reinvigorating their own defense industries have collided with bureaucratic and supply-chain bottlenecks. Meanwhile, sanctions and export controls have impeded Putin’s war effort far less than expected. Russian defense factories are ramping up their output, and Soviet legacy factories are outperforming Western factories when it comes to much-needed items like artillery shells…

Go for the nearly 2000 comments:

Russian Ministry of Justice asks Supreme Court to declare the LGBTQ movement “extremist”

While the FBI is hunting Trad Catholics…

Russian authorities ask the Supreme Court to declare the LGBTQ ‘movement’ extremist
Story by By DASHA LITVINOVA, Associated Press 

TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — The Russian Justice Ministry on Friday said it has filed a lawsuit with the nation’s Supreme Court to outlaw the LGBTQ+ “international public movement” as extremist, the latest crippling blow against the already beleaguered LGBTQ+ community in the increasingly conservative country.

The ministry said in an online statement announcing the lawsuit that authorities have identified “signs and manifestations of extremist nature” in “the activities of the LGBT movement active” in Russia, including “incitement of social and religious discord.” Russia’s Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing to consider the lawsuit for Nov. 30, the ministry said.

It is not yet clear what exactly the label would entail for LGBTQ+ people in Russia if the Supreme Court sides with the Justice Ministry, and the ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But the move in itself represents the latest, and possibly by far the most drastic, step in the decade-long crackdown on gay rights in Russia unleashed under President Vladimir Putin, who has put “traditional family values” at the cornerstone of his rule.

The crackdown, which began a decade ago, slowly but surely chipped away at LGBTQ+ rights (sic). In 2013, the Kremlin adopted the first legislation restricting LGBTQ+ rights, known as the “gay propaganda” law, banning any non-critical public depiction of “nontraditional sexual relations” among minors. In 2020, Putin pushed through a constitutional reform to extend his rule by two more terms that also outlawed same-sex marriage.

In 2022, after sending troops into Ukraine, the Kremlin ramped up its rhetoric about protecting “traditional values” from what it called the West’s “degrading” influence, in what rights advocates saw as an attempt to legitimize the war in Ukraine. That same year, the authorities adopted a law banning propaganda of “nontraditional sexual relations” among adults, too, effectively outlawing any public endorsement of LGBTQ+ people.

Another law passed this year prohibited gender transitioning procedures and gender-affirming care for trans people. The legislation prohibited any “medical interventions aimed at changing the sex of a person,” as well as changing one’s gender in official documents and public records. It also amended Russia’s Family Code by listing gender change as a reason to annul a marriage and adding those “who had changed gender” to a list of people who can’t become foster or adoptive parents.

“Do we really want to have here, in our country, in Russia, ‘Parent No. 1, No. 2, No. 3’ instead of ‘mom’ and ‘dad?’” Putin said in September 2022 at a ceremony to formalize Moscow’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions. “Do we really want perversions that lead to degradation and extinction to be imposed in our schools from the primary grades?”

Saint Gertrude the Great

“Gertrude was a 13th-century Cistercian mystic of Helfta, near Eisleben in Saxony. The book of her life and revelations, which she was asked to write in a vision of God, has been praised by scholars and saints alike. A very intelligent woman, Gertrude was early attracted to secular learning, but after the first of her numerous visions she restricted her reading to the Holy Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church. Her whole life was centered on the Sacrifice of the Mass and the Divine Office. She was one of the first to whom our Lord revealed the mystery of His Sacred Heart; He also asked her to develop a deep love for the cross and to pray for the conversion of souls.”

US nuncio Cardinal Pierre told Bishop Strickland ‘there is no deposit of faith’

“Look, the Holy Father (sic) is watching you. You need to stop talking about the deposit of faith. There is no deposit of faith.”

Folks, these people aren’t Catholic. Not even a little bit. In fact, their religion is much closer to, if not in fact, Satanism. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” is the creed of the Satanic church.

It’s also the Marxist notion that truth flows from power. The biggest thug is the arbiter of truth. The Catholic faith is whatever WE say it is, dammit.

Stop giving these people power they do not have. What if five Cardinals stood up and declared what is so painfully obvious, and called for a conclave. How many thousands are losing their faith because of the visibility of all this? Eminences, every one of those souls will be shown to you at your Particular Judgment. Pray on that.

Mother Cabrini, pray for us!

“Live abandoned to God and let Him treat you according to His pleasure. What does it matter if it be Golgotha, Tabor, or Gethsemane? It is enough to know that we are with Him.”

“If you carry the Cross willingly, the Cross will carry you.”

“I will go anywhere and do anything in order to communicate the love of Jesus to those who do not know Him or have forgotten Him.”

“Prayer is powerful! It fills the earth with mercy, it makes the Divine clemency pass from generation to generation; right along the course of the centuries wonderful works have been achieved through prayer.”

“They who pray with faith have fervour and fervour is the fire of prayer. This mysterious fire has the power of consuming all our faults and imperfections, and of giving to our actions, vitality, beauty and merit.”

“The world is poisoned with erroneous theories, and needs to be taught sane doctrines, but it is difficult to straighten what has become crooked.”

“Work in me, oh adorable Heart of Jesus, because you know well how incapable I am of doing perfectly everything that you want of me.”

“I trust in you, my Jesus. I place my poor soul in your hands – mold me according to your divine will.”

“My good Jesus, give me the grace to love you with all my heart and to serve you with great fidelity in this life, so that I can be a grain of sand to build up your glory for all eternity.”

Full text of Bishop Strickland’s “letter from a friend”… I hope he reads it again today

The following text was read out by Bishop Strickland two weeks ago at the beginning of his speech at the Rome Life Forum. He called it a “letter from a deeply Catholic friend” and prefaced it by saying it applied not only to him, but to all the Bishops. I hope he reads it again today, and I hope all the Bishops and Cardinals of the world do so as well. I hope they look in the mirror and ask themselves, why are you intent on keeping this usurper squatting on the chair, wielding power he does not possess? What are your motivations for doing nothing to fix this problem? A heretic is attempting to destroy the Church from within. How many prophecies have foretold this moment? Why were you born into this age? The Supreme Law of the Church is the Salvation of Souls, which gives you EXTREME latitude in your course of action. You’re called to be martyrs, as the letter makes plain; is it too much to ask for a statement like: “Significant irregularities have surfaced regarding the purported resignation of Pope Benedict in February 2013. Evidence has been presented in various media reports, essays, and long-form books that seems to show, both in the act itself and in numerous actions following, up until his death in December 2022, Benedict’s resignation may have been invalid. We the undersigned declare that a canonical investigation need be convoked to further adjudicate this matter.”

Here is Bishop Strickland’s friend. Link to full speech at the end.

“Francis is an expert at producing cowards by preaching dialogue and openness in a welcoming spirit and by highlighting always his own authority. He makes it seem that one who opposes him and what he proposes is an enemy of the Church. And yet it is not the blood of the cowards that is the seed of the Church. It is the blood of the martyrs. And Rome has been literally consecrated by the blood of Christians. As Tertullian wrote, ‘we multiply when you reap us. The blood of Christians is seed.’

“You cannot, indeed, you must not go to Rome and play nicely. The Queen of Martyrs has called you, and you cannot parcel out truth in pieces. After all, were we not told that the truth would set us free. The Synod has gathered cowards in Rome, those who not only refuse to die for our Lord and His Church, but indeed demand that His eternal truths be changed. And if you play nicely with these, then you mock the martyrs. And although playing nicely might ensure you are not removed, I again quote Tertullian.

“The usual complaint is, I have no other way of earning a living. The harsh reply can be, do you have to live? I ask you, Bishop, do you have to live? In fact, should you live, when you have been called to die? It is easy to assert that no real damage has been done by the Synod. But it has done untold damage and attempting to cheapen what Christ proclaimed was worth His life, and for which He indeed shed His precious Blood. Would you now allow this one who has pushed aside the true Pope and has attempted to sit on a chair that is not his define what the Church is to be. ‘As for the beast, it was and is not. It is an eighth but it belongs to the seventh, and it goes to destruction.’

“Christ has proclaimed the sanctity of life. It cannot be otherwise than sanctified, because He has created it, and He has died for it. And yet this usurper of Peter’s chair has counted life as nought, for he has endangered souls by proclaiming that they are justified before God as they are, with no need of repentance. And he has welcomed those who glorify abortion and has offered to correct no correction, thereby counting the lives of all those babies who have perished in this manner as nothing. Ignatius of Antioch wrote, “It is outrageous to utter the name of Jesus Christ and live in Judaism.” In other words, it is outrageous to utter the name of Jesus Christ and then to live as though He had not come, Ignatius also wrote, ‘I have many deep thoughts in God. But I take my own measure, lest I perish by boasting. For I myself, though I am in chains and can comprehend heavenly things, the ranks of the angels and the hierarchies of principalities, things visible and invisible, for all this, I am not yet a disciple.’ And what then, Bishop, shall make you a disciple? Be advised of this one thing: playing nicely with those who attack truth makes no man a disciple.

“Yes, the Church welcomes sinners, but she welcomes them to the truth, which is Jesus Christ. And if they are not living in truth, then she calls them to repentance. How can we declare that we love when we would allow souls to perish by assuring them that conversion is not needed? Play nicely? While the devil leads souls to hell? Play nicely? While Francis proclaims the devil’s voice to be the voice of the Holy Spirit? The streets of Rome are now littered with cowards. Where is the one who will say with Ignatius of Antioch, ‘Now I begin to be a disciple. Let fire and Cross, flocks of beasts, broken bones, dismemberment, come upon me. So long as I attain to Jesus Christ.’”

AP, CNN, NYT Photojournalists were embedded with Hamas during October 7 massacre

This story broke a couple days ago, but at that time all the source links were crashing or otherwise being dead. Maybe servers not handling the traffic, maybe regime misinformationists crushing the story. Of course the MSM has done its regime-loyal best to bury this, and perhaps this is the first time you are reading about it. Because what it means is inescapable: This was NOT a surprise attack. EVERYONE knew about it, with enough time to get journalists infilled with the terrorists. FEDGOV knew, so Israel knew. The attack was allowed to proceed. It also explains why the initial IDF response took SIX HOURS. It obviously wasn’t incompetence, because the IDF is anything but incompetent. So yeah, things are becoming more clear, if more complicated.

UPDATE: I’m being told that the only option the IDF had, given the number of terrorists and the nature of the fight, was a full regiment counterattack. Any rapid deployment forces they had ready would have been ill equipped to deal with the over 2000 ground forces, fighting house to house. Given that this was a holiday weekend with many troops on 72/96 leave, it would have taken some time to get them assembled into their units, geared up, armory emptied, vehicles fueled, etc.

AP, CNN, New York Times Photographers Accompanied Hamas Jihadis In October 7 Massacre


What did the New York Times know and when did it know it about the mass murder of Jews isn’t just a question from the 1930s, but today.

Honest Reporting which, true to its name, holds the media accountable for its bias, has an incredible report on the complicity of major media outlets in the Hamas atrocities of Oct 7.

On October 7, Hamas terrorists were not the only ones who documented the war crimes they had committed during their deadly rampage across southern Israel. Some of their atrocities were captured by Gaza-based photojournalists working for the Associated Press and Reuters news agencies whose early morning presence at the breached border area raises serious ethical questions.

I have said before that the AP in Gaza is Hamas. That is literally true.

Four names appear on AP’s photo credits from the Israel-Gaza border area on October 7: Hassan Eslaiah, Yousef Masoud, Ali Mahmud, and Hatem Ali.

Eslaiah, a freelancer who also works for CNN, crossed into Israel, took photos of a burning Israeli tank, and then captured infiltrators entering Kibbutz Kfar Azza.

Here’s a little of what happened in Kibbutz Kfar Azza.

In Kfar Aza, no one was too old, too young or too weak for slaughter. It took the Israeli army half a day to reach the kibbutz of 750 people in southern Israel and fighting continued there for three days. In that time Hamas gunmen killed and mutilated dozens of civilian residents.

“Mothers, fathers, babies, young families killed in their beds, in the protection room, in the dining room, in their garden,” Maj Gen Itai Veruv of the Israel Defense Forces told the BBC, as his troops searched homes for bodies of victims. “It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield. It’s a massacre.”

Rampaging fighters armed with assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and hand-grenades gunned down dozens of residents and mutilated some of the bodies, Veruv and other soldiers said, describing a number of atrocities.

Hassan Eslaiah, who apparently provides material for both the AP and CNN, was there is an obvious capacity.

HonestReporting has obtained screenshots of Eslaiah’s now-removed tweets on X in which he documented himself standing in front of the Israeli tank. He did not wear a press vest or a helmet, and the Arabic caption of his tweet read: “Live from inside the Gaza Strip settlements.”

Shortly after the publication of this article, we were alerted to footage of Hassan Eslaiah next to the Israeli tank. In addition, a photo has surfaced showing Eslaiah with Hamas leader and mastermind of the October 7 massacre, Yahya Sinwar.


Another “photojournalist”

Masoud, who also works for The New York Times, was there as well — just in time to set foot in Israeli territory and take more tank pictures.

Ali Mahmud and Hatem Ali were positioned to get pictures of the horrific abductions of Israelis into Gaza.

Mahmud captured the pickup truck carrying the body of German-Israeli Shani Louk and Ali got several shots of abductees being kidnapped into the Strip.

Reuters has published pictures from two photojournalists who also happened to be at the border just in time for Hamas’ infiltration: Mohammed Fayq Abu Mostafa and Yasser Qudih.

They both took pictures of a burning Israeli tank on the Israeli side of the border, but Abu Mustafa went further: He took photos of a lynch mob brutalizing the body of an Israeli soldier who was dragged out of the tank.

Reuters was kind enough to add a graphic warning to the photo caption, but it didn’t prevent editors from shamelessly labeling it as one of the “Images of the Day” on their editorial database.

There’s no ‘happened to be there’ here.

Hamas had covertly planned and executed an attack. It seems likely that the AP, Reuters, CNN, New York Times, etc stringers were aware of this attack beforehand…