ZEAL: It’s what’s for dinner

Confession, Sunday Mass, ongoing conversion.  These are the things that sustain us and make everything in the world and our daily lives tolerable.  It is truly amazing how easy it is to deal with strife all day when your soul rests in the trust of God.  You realize that nothing else matters in the world, and that  “the world” itself is the problem.  Meaning society, culture, etc.  We have to survive in a world of shit, and there’s only one way to do it:  By understanding that this life is mercifully short, and if we try to live it properly we will spend eternity in paradise.
By accepting your RESPONSIBILITY to honor God, you begin a great journey.  Yes, it is only the beginning:  Breakfast.  You’ll still be very messy and really attached to many of your sins, as a result of habit and being out in the real world every day.  It takes time to, first, come to accept the objective reality of your sins, and over much more time, actually be able to overcome these sins THROUGH LOVE OF GOD.  This is Lunch, the ongoing conversion.  God made everything, including the rules.  And He did it all for our own good.  It doesn’t start with a denouncement of sin, it starts with confession, Mass, and prayer, so the Holy Ghost and the angels can start working inside you.  Without them, the demons get all the facetime.
Now we get to dinner.  The real mission, which is of course “mission,” or ZEAL.  This means that even after you are a committed Catholic, your job is far from over.  Then your duty becomes TO PROCLAIM THE TRUTH.  It’s not “our” truth, it is the eternal truth of the entire universe.  Justice and Mercy demand we proclaim it.  Everyone deserves to hear it, but there is too much noise out in the world for most people.