The republic’s ‘dead cat bounce’

As I already declared in December 2015, the republic is dead.
What you have seen in the last few months, with dark horse candidates dominating the GOP field, is the dead cat bounce:  The notion that an outside candidate such as Trump or Cruz could win the nomination.  The possibility of real reform.  The possibility of curtailing, even a little, the massive corruption of the oligarchy.
Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
The events of the last week now prove that the GOPe will use any means necessary to nominate a candidate whom they own.  No matter Jeb’s failure to launch, Rubio’s robotics, nor Romney’s three strikes and you’re out.  The nominee must be someone who will not rock the boat, because the establishment (on both sides) is totally immoral and corrupt.  It is status quo either way.
This is no screed for Trump, by the way.  He’s certainly no conservative, and his behavior demonstrates he would be even more authoritarian than Obama.  Just imagine him on the international stage.  Countries are laughing at us.
Let’s face it, the GOPe would rather see Hillary win.  Yes, really.  They are closer to Hillary on policy. Hillary is safe. Hillary won’t take away their toys.  Hillary is, in objective reality, one of their own.
Think about the scenarios of how this plays out from here.  Visualize for thirty seconds how the general election campaigns play out post-conventions.  Can you come up with one scenario where she doesn’t win?  Unless she is in jail, I don’t see one.
Silver lining: This event may finally be the tipping point where a large number of sheep wake the hell up and decide not to be sheep anymore.  But choosing the red pill isn’t easy.

The most diabolical success story since 11 Oct 1962

Confession.  Who needs that silly old thing anymore?
Confession is the only earthly means of regaining sanctifying grace after committing mortal sin.  I say earthly means, because God is not bound by the sacraments, and He can grant pardon if your contrition is perfect; that is, repentance out of sheer love for God, and not just fear of eternal punishment.  Since you can never really know how perfect your contrition is, it’s a lot more comforting to get your sorry ass in the confessional, often. It’s the only way to be sure.
The council opened amid a rapid escalation of the Loss of the Sense of Sin, and the continued secularization of western society.  The Modernists had been kept at bay for over 50 years, but they were only in hiding, and they saw this was their chance. Aggiornamento!
The Smoke of Satan entering the Church took many forms.  Marxist and sodomite infiltrators, moral destruction of seminaries, the Novus Ordo and its immediate openness to abuses, etc, etc. But Satan’s central point of attack was on Sacramental Confession. Why?  Go back and read the first paragraph.
The CARA Survey (this one is 2008) shows that 75% of Catholics go to confession less than once a year or never at all, and that 54% of Catholics who attend Mass every week think there is no need for confession at least once a year.  Follow the link for tons more data.
So OF COURSE this is the most diabolical success story of the last 50 years.  Can you tell me a more effective way to ensure the eternal damnation of millions of souls WHO ACTUALLY THINK THEY ARE GOOD CATHOLICS?
Oh, wait.

If someone comes to you and feels something must be removed from him, but perhaps he is unable to say it, but you understand … it’s all right, he says it this way, with the gesture of coming. First condition. Second, he is repentant. If someone comes to you it is because he doesn’t want to fall into these situations, but he doesn’t dare say it, he is afraid to say it and then not be able to do it. But if he cannot do it, ad impossibila nemo tenetur. And the Lord understands these things, the language of gestures. Have open arms, to understand what is inside that heart that cannot be said or said this way … somewhat because of shame … you understand me. You must receive everyone with the language with which they can speak.

No. No. No.  Go read the article linked above to 1P5.  This is explicitly forbidden, for reasons which should be obvious, and results in INVALID confession, i.e. your sins are not forgiven, unless your Indian name is Cat Got Tongue.
Does everyone remember that all the sacraments have Matter and Form to be valid?  Do you know the Matter for Sacramental Confession?  It’s the sins themselves, and the act of confession itself, which consists of contrition, actually confessing the sins, and satisfaction.  Did you get that?  Without the sins and the confession, there’s no sacrament.
So once again we are left wondering: is the Holy Father intentionally undermining the faith, resulting in a multitude of damned souls, or is he simply ignorant of Church teaching, resulting in a multitude of damned souls?
Doesn’t this mean that all the invalid “general absolution services” are okey dokey too? Why do we even need confessionals? “Everyone needing reconciliation, please don’t queue up. Sit in the pews and remain mute. Father Jazz Hands will absolve from the pulpit shortly.”
Please, God, make it stop.  For the sake of His sorrowful Passion.

The category for Catholic Final Jeopardy has now been revealed

Dark days, eh?  Pro-abort, pro-gun control, pro-sodomy “Republican” leading the polls by a huge margin, global financial collapse imminent, Islam invading the West,  and heresy from the bishop of Rome.  Welcome to the pig’s breakfast of 2016.

This post attempts to categorize the errors of the Holy Father.  Some are more serious than others, of course. Thankfully, none of the nonsense has approached the authority of magisterial teaching, and if this really is the Church founded by Christ, it never will.  But many people think the less serious errors are “meaningless”.  We’re about to find out if that’s true.

You can group most the issues into three categories.  The first is statements regarding subjects he has no competence, by right of his office, to comment on.  The second is statements on faith and morals possibly taken out of context, mistranslated, or twisted by the media. The third category, hitherto rare, thanks be to God,  is statements on faith or morals which clearly contradict Church teaching.  Let’s examine each of the three to determine which we need not be concerned about.

Category One:  It’s a problem.  Although I may be able to sit by the glow of my fire pit with a clear conscience as I burn off a copy of Laudato Si into the ozone, I’m afraid the rest of the world is all too eager to exploit his misguided musings.  Enemies of Christ are emboldened by the never ending  tirades in Marxist Modernist ideology. I’m waiting for him to attack Bernie Sanders for being too far to the Right.  There are agendas to be advanced, with billions of dollars at stake.  Words matter.  Serious consequences result.  There seems to be no subject for which this man can’t get it wrong.

Category Two: It’s a problem.  “Who am I to Judge” was taken completely out of context, right?  No?  It doesn’t matter:  It has become a virtual battle cry for those whom now feel confirmed in their sin, mostly the homosexuals. But how can the Holy Father be to blame for his words being misused?  Because there has not been, in three years of this nonsense, one single word of retraction or correction.  They trot out +Lombardi to squirm in front of the press, but not a single word of retraction or correction.  Unless something is done, we will be living with the consequences of this statement for CENTURIES.

Category  Three:  It’s a really big problem, and this has now been revealed as the Final Jeopardy category.  Open heresy from the lips of the Holy Father. Buckle up, buttercup.

It started with the infamous Scalfari interview, which escaped total condemnation only because there was no tape recorder.  However there was also, once again, not one word of retraction.  That’s how we know that every bit of it is true, and boy, the whole piece is a rather magnificent revelation of how unCatholic is the pope’s thinking.  But the money quote for me was,”Everyone has his own idea of good and evil and must choose to follow the good and fight evil as he conceives them. That would be enough to make the world a better place.”  Holy Father, you just exterminated Christianity.

How can I explain to my children the errors of moral relativism or indifferentism with a quote like this floating around?  How am I supposed to defend doctrine to my colleagues, friends and relatives, when I’ve got this guy cutting me off at the knees?

Another example, widely overlooked, was his meditation on the Blessed Virgin at the foot of the cross, wherein he believes she called God a liar.  More recently was his meditation on the Fifth Joyful Mystery,  wherein it was Jesus Himself who commits a sin for which He needed to beg forgiveness.  No, really.  I’m not making this up.

Now Zikagate is upon us.  +Francis approves contraception and eugenics in one quote!  +Lombardi trots out to save the day and issue a retrac…. NOPE… issues an AFFIRMATION that the pope said what he said, and meant what he meant.

The enemy is not at the gate, he is within the gate.  It’s time to choose sides.

How much would you like to risk on Final Jeopardy?

Morality is always dreadfully complicated to a man who has lost all his principles

The title quote is widely attributed to Chesterton, although I’ve never found the source. Regardless, it certainly sounds like him.  The phrase cuts to the bone like a battle axe of Truth – light, sharp, swift, unsparing.  Brilliant simplicity is a lost art.
There is no such thing as lukewarm moral relativism.  There is only Truth and error.  If you possess 99% of the Truth, you are in error, by which means you intentionally  separate yourself from God, who is Truth.  Ask Pilate.
The following three links are the ones you need to read about Zikagate.  Keep in mind that not only did the pope say what he said, but when +Lombardi had the chance to walk it back, he instead confirmed YESSS THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THE POPE MEANT.
You absolutely must read these three links:
Ann Barnhardt
There is nothing to add.

Heresy – I’ve had enough

I must inform you that I’ve reached my limit with regard to the antics of the Holy Father.

I will continue to pray for the Holy Father, the man.  Most especially, I pray for his conversion.  But I can no longer remain quiet on his actions. Words have meaning, and the damage is real. I have spent three years in the shadows, only blogging anonymously or commenting anonymously on his multitude of errors, blasphemies, calumnies, and ad hominem attacks.  My silence ends today.

I’m going public, and I’m attaching my name to the truth.  I’m proclaiming that contraception is an intrinsic evil; does he even understand what that means?  I’m proclaiming eugenics as an intrinsic evil.  I’m proclaiming that there is not now, nor has there ever been, a conflict between the Fifth and Sixth Commandment.  I’m proclaiming that a sovereign nation has not just a right, but indeed a duty, to defend its border and protect its citizens.

Oh, and that’s just since Thursday.  Three years of this, and I’m worn out.

Have a look at the quote on our offertory envelopes for the Third Sunday of Lent: “Everyone has his own idea of good and evil, and must choose to follow the good and fight the evil as he conceives them.  That would be enough to make the world a better place.”

I don’t even know where to begin.  This kind of heresy makes the world, in fact, a terrible place; a haven for abortionists, jihadis, and sodomites, all of whom think their actions are good.  This isn’t garden variety heresy, wherein a drop of poison is added to otherwise sound doctrine.  No, this is a whopper.  In short, it’s the opposite of what the Church teaches.  Surely we can find a different envelope supplier.

This blog will remain anonymous, at least for now.  It provides me certain options should things get ugly, which they surely will.  Unfortunately, the main vehicle for my public defense of the faith will need to be facebook.  There is just no other means to get the message out as effectively.  I await with interest to be condemned by my Pollyanna Catholic friends and lauded by the Evangelicals.
I will entrust my actions to these fine saints::

  • “Now when [the Pope] is explicitly a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church, and the Church must either deprive him, or, as some say, declare him deprived, of his Apostolic See.”
    St. Francis de Sales, “The Catholic Controversy”
  • “…a pope who is a manifest heretic by that fact ceases to be pope and head, just as he by that fact ceases to be a Christian and a member of the body of the Church; wherefore he can be judged and punished by the Church. This is the judgment of all the early fathers, who teach that manifest heretics immediately lose all jurisdiction.”
    St. Robert Bellarmine, “On the Roman Pontiff”
  • “If God permitted a pope to be notoriously heretical and contumacious, he would then cease to be pope, and the Apostolic Chair would be vacant.”
    St. Alphonsus de Liguori, “The Truths of the Faith”
So I’m done confessing, as in sacramental Confession, my anger toward the holy father, anger for the damage he is inflicting on the Church, and anger for the danger to souls.  That’s the real reason I need to take a stand:  Souls are at stake.  If Francis chooses to make himself the enemy of Christ and His Church, then he is my enemy as well.  Trust me, I am aware of the gravity of my words, and trust me, I’m terrified.

Iran humiliates most powerful navy in the history of the world

I don’t know why the Officer in Charge gave the order to lay down weapons, remove body armor, surrender his craft and crew, and then apologize to the enemy that just captured all of the above.  Maybe he was taking orders himself, but he had an obligation to refuse those orders, and anyway, they say the radio was out.  In which case, his next in command had the obligation to refuse the order and relieve him.
You see, it’s this thing called the Code of Conduct. Of its six articles, three were violated:
II. I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist.
III. If I am captured I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy.
V. When questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I am required to give name, rank, service number and date of birth. I will evade answering further questions to the utmost of my ability. I will make no oral or written statements disloyal to my country and its allies or harmful to their cause

Digitized by Leonard J. DeFrancisci

The idiots in Oregon are messing with civil war

I’m talking about Ammon Bundy and his yahoo bunch.
Here’s why what they are doing is foolish and unjustified.  This is not their fight, the Hammonds don’t want help, and there is no imminent threat of death or injury.  The situation is entirely of their own creation.  While you can argue about unfair sentencing, the legal process, and constitutionality of laws, you have to do it whilst obeying the Rule of Law.  Otherwise, you violate the very thing you purport to defend.
I say they are messing with civil war, because they have families there with them.  Women and children.  If Fedgov decides t0 take their building back, it will be military ROEs, and they all die — google “Ruby Ridge” and “Waco Siege”.  There are many MANY patriots who, while not supportive of the actions of the Bundy crew, nevertheless would respond in some way were they slaughtered.
The best overall coverage on this is at Oath Keepers.

The Church Militant: What we have lost

You can’t win a war without the military.
History lesson!
The Church Triumphant:  Souls who have attained and reside in Heaven.
The Church Suffering: Souls who have attained Heaven, but are currently undergoing their final purification in Purgatory.
The Church Militant:  The faithful on earth currently battling and struggling to attain perfection.
How is this a history lesson, you ask?  Because the abandonment of this ancient formula describing the threefold division of the Church is often overlooked among the most regrettable actions/inactions of Vatican II. The formula itself is expressly expunged; it appears not once in all the VII documents, nor in the current Catechism.  Although if you strain your neck, you might find a remnant in LG#14 and later in CCC 954.
Here’s why it matters.
The duties of the Church Militant can be broken down into a threefold engagement in spiritual and temporal warfare, to which we are all called:

  1. The internal spiritual battle against personal sin, which subsists in all the faithful as the result of Original Sin and its ensuing Concupiscence, which is closely related to #2,
  2. The external spiritual battle against demons, Powers and Principalities; those evil spirits prowling about the world seeking the ruin of souls
  3. The external temporal battle against human institutions, laws, inequities and iniquities, imposed by men, which are contrary to Divine Law

The Catechism of Trent, Article IX, puts it very succinctly:

It is called militant, because it wages eternal war with those implacable enemies, the world, the flesh and the devil.

Does any of this language sound familiar?  Have you ever heard a sermon preached on spiritual warfare?  Have you ever heard a sermon on rooting out personal sin? Have you ever heard a sermon on your duty to fight unjust laws and unjust men?  You haven’t? Welcome to the post-conciliar Church.
Just as the wrecking ball takes multiple swings to bring down an edifice, omission of this precise formula was but one blow in the brick by brick demolition of the faith orchestrated by the modernist marxist infiltrators who hijacked the council and the faith.
We are talking here about the perennial battle for human souls. Pretty important stuff – free will in all its glory and horror. Not the kind of thing very lightly discarded, you would think. But the council had a job to do, namely, to open the Church to the modern world.  As if the Church needed fixing and the modern world was the ideal.  So we could not POSSIBLY go on talking about PEOPLE needing fixing. That’s so pharisaical, man. Make love not war.
Mankind itself was the idol of this council, and the culture demanded its feminization, sterilization, and exaltation all at the same time. But before it could install man on the throne as king of kings, something else had to be done first.  The very nature of the Church, as both transcendent and immutable, had to be abrogated.  Yet, obvi (smh), it is impossible to even entertain the notion that the Church can/should adapt Christ’s teachings to the culture of the day, while at the same time maintaining that she remains transcendent and immutable.  It’s called the law of noncontradiction.
Sorry to harp so much on root cause; it’s hard for me not to go down that rabbit hole every time, because it is key to understanding how we got here.  I highly recommend going back further and studying the entire history of modernism dating to the 19th century, and then back even further to the errors of Lockean philosophy which birthed the false interpretations of liberty and equality during the Enlightenment.
So now we got us some history, such that we may rediscover two essential bricks we have lost in the demolition: Masculine leadership and the sense of the supernatural. These are the two major theaters where the war must be won.  Let’s explore each individually and then tie back to the premise.
The concept and imagery of the Church Militant is dependent on the idea of masculine leadership manifested in battle and struggle.  The Latin root militans denotes foremost being a soldier and servant in a military sense, and secondarily as one in struggle. Masculine leadership is not optional.  It is mandatory in every aspect of this total war.  While both men and women are engaged in this battle, it is masculine leadership which must be the focus.  The yawning void of masculine leadership we face today is the result of a civilization drowning in narcissism and Feminism, abetted by a feminized priesthood, a feminized liturgy (mainly the Mass, but also the Hours and other things), and feminized churches – the buildings themselves. These are the areas where the battle lines need first be drawn, the troops assembled and trained.  That means laymen, you and I, are where the buck stops.  It’s not the priests, it’s not the bishops.  There will be some standouts among the clergy, as you will see in a moment. But the PRIMARY force for change are LAYMEN:  Lay men committing themselves to personal sanctity as the first and foundational step. Lay men executing masculine leadership with their wives and children united with them. The battle lines also lie outside the Church.  The unjust laws, abortion, pornography, promotion of fornication, etc.  Also, conversely, the violation of the Rule of Law by intentional refusal to enforce just laws.
Moving on to the second major theater of operation: The supernatural. We must speak forcefully about the reality of the supernatural.  Those demons are real, and their first tactic is always to hide from the light.  We must proclaim this reality and call out the grim destiny of those who refuse to believe it.  Recall again we are speaking here of a moral duty, and the task is not for the faint-hearted.  This is about doing battle with fallen angels, created beings possessing intellects orders of magnitude greater than our own.  They have been thrown out of heaven for their refusal to serve, and their only goal is to drag more souls to Hell by convincing said souls to refuse to serve.  Our hope rests only in God, who does not send his servants into battle unarmed.  For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty to God, unto the pulling down of fortifications, destroying counsels.
Some of the best contemporary thought on this issue comes from Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix AZ USA in his Apostolic Exhortation “Into the Breach”.  Please do go read every word over there. A sobering sample:

“Men, do not hesitate to engage in the battle that is raging around you, the battle that is wounding our children and families, the battle that is distorting the dignity of both women and men. This battle is often hidden, but the battle is real. It is primarily spiritual…progressively killing the remaining Christian ethos in our society and culture, and even in our own homes. The world is under attack by Satan, as our Lord said it would be (1 Peter 5:8-14). This battle is occurring in the Church herself, and the devastation is all too evident…this is a serious breach, a gaping hole in Christ’s battle lines…the losses are staggering.”


“The Father sent his Son to reveal what it means to be a man, and the fullness of this revelation becomes evident on the Cross. He tells us that it was for this reason that He came into the world, that it is his earnest desire to give himself totally to us. Herein lies the fullness of masculinity; each Catholic man must be prepared to give himself completely, to charge into the breach, to engage in spiritual combat, to defend women, children, and others against the wickedness and snares of the devil!
Looking to what the secular world holds up as “manly” is in fact to look at shadows – or even at outright counterfeits – of masculinity. The idolatry of celebrities at this time is a particular temptation, but to build one’s masculine identity on such fleeting models is to build an identity on sand. My Catholic sons and brothers, we can only build a certain foundation for masculinity on the rock, Jesus Christ. We look to our Savior to be transformed in Him, to be the men we are called to be, and to let others see Him in us.”

Now back to the premise:  You can’t win a war without the military.
We are the military.
Ora et labora.  Pray unceasingly and take action. Don’t pretend it will be easy and neat, nay, it will be hard and ugly.
Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. Matt 5:11-12

Most Americans have less than $1000 in savings

62%, actually. Market Watch has it all, go read the details over there.
Read the headline again, and ponder the SHTF scenarios.  200MM people without the means to buy FOOD for more than a few weeks following said SHTF event.  That’s IF they can even access those funds; we all know the ATMs won’t work, because the money isn’t really there at all.  Many of these same people are living day to day on EBT cards, and those won’t work either.
Is there really any doubt that we will soon face massive domestic terror trigger events?  Do you understand how quickly terror devolves into mass panic?
Close your eyes, and actually VISUALIZE what this will look like.  In your state. In your city.  In your neighborhood.  On your street.  At your door.
You don’t have enough ammo.

The Republic is Dead

As of 18 December 2015, no one in the United States with at least a sixth grade education can claim ignorance on this point.
The central doctrine of a just republic is The Rule of Law, which has several components (even wiki gets this right):

  1. The republic is governed by laws, not by the will of its leaders
  2. All citizens are subject to the law, including the law makers
  3. Equal protection under the law

Without getting into the dozens of examples I could cite, let’s just say the Rule of Law has been dead or badly broken since at least 2010.  So everyone with a functioning brain should have been able to glean, for quite some time now, that we were careening seriously off the rails. But what happened on 18 December 2015?   Here’s what happened:  The “republicans” in congress assraped the American Republic on national television.
This budget deal is absolutely hideous.  Unthinkable, really. Remember way back in November 2014, when the people were so fed up with Washington that they handed sweeping victories to the GOP in the House and Senate?  Remember how this was going to be, finally, the game changer to stop/repeal the madness?  Have you noticed how nothing, absolutely nothing, happened?
Because the elites care about no one but themselves, and staying in power.  Paul Ryan?  Yeah, knight on white horse gonna come riding in and save us.  Lindsey Graham?  Voted Yea.  Rubio?  DIDN’T SHOW UP FOR THE VOTE.
The only sane, serious, responsible one of the lot is Cruz, it appears to me.  Unfortunately, it’s too late.  The evil has infiltrated to such an extent, no one man can fix it.  Not with both parties in the tank with each other.
Silver lining:  Read the first paragraph again.  No one can now deny what is going on.  Thank you, Paul Ryan, for exposing your flank.  You’re in the open now.
There is no political solution.