Shooter identified by crowds 26 MINUTES beforehand, cops can’t find him, until one does and then retreats

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From AP:

“Several rallygoers reported to local officers that Crooks was acting suspiciously and pacing near the magnetometers, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation. Officers were then told Crooks was climbing a ladder, the official said. Officers searched for him (NOW REVEALED TO BE 26 MINUTES PRIOR) but were unable to find him before he made it to the roof, the official added. Butler County Sheriff Michael Slupe told the AP that a local officer climbed to the roof and encountered Crooks, who saw the officer and turned toward him just before the officer dropped down to safety. Slupe said the officer couldn’t have wielded his own gun under the circumstances. The officer retreated down the ladder, and Crooks quickly took a shot toward Trump, and that’s when Secret Service snipers shot him, according to two officials who spoke to AP on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation.”

I have many questions. This kid fends off a cop, then swings back and immediately gets rounds downrange. High School friends say he was such a bad shot, he was personally disinvited from the rifle team. Although it is possible to improve skills over two year’s time. It is strange we haven’t been shown the weapon yet, so no way to comment on what kind of optic he was running. But what I can tell you is that with a decent red dot, even a total amateur like me can manage 10 inch groupings at twice the distance, and that’s with a 35 year old Romanian AK. So he is still a terrible shot, but at only 120 years, he was really close. Also, how was he somehow toting around a ladder and rifle for 26 minutes, spotted and videoed by multiple people, multiple 911 calls, shouting at cops… what kind of Houdini act was this?

Don’t worry. The Pittsburgh FBI Field Office is on the case. The same FBI Field Office who handled/buried the Hunter Biden laptop.

Assassination attempt on President Trump. I have many questions.

First, join me in prayer about the whole situation, our long shattered nation first and foremost. Who knows what comes next. If for some reason you have not taken steps to protect your family, do that now. If you haven’t been to Confession, do that now.

But I do have questions about how the Secret Service and/or local LEO failed to clear and secure the closest elevated position with a clear line of fire to the podium. How is this possible?

Is it true that Trump’s Secret Service detail begged for additional resources, and were denied by the Regime? It seems so.

75 years ago today, Pope Pius XII excommunicated all communists from the Catholic Church, calling Marxism the “irreconcilable enemy” of Christianity

On July 13, 1949, the Vatican releases its “Decree Against Communism” to the public.


“The Decree Against Communism was a 1949 Catholic Church document issued by the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office, and approved by Pope Pius XII, which declared Catholics who professed communist doctrine to be excommunicated as apostates from the Christian faith.”

(ahem, abrogated by JPII in Can. 6 of the 1983 code. -nvp)

The Regime’s War of 2021 against the unvaxxed and vaxx injured, and how over 1000 doctors are now doing something about it

“In this video, we dive into the HOPE Accord, a significant movement led by over 1,000 doctors and scientists advocating for the suspension of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. The Accord calls for a thorough reevaluation of the vaccine’s safety and efficacy amid growing concerns about lockdowns, school closures, and vaccine mandates. We explore key issues such as the potential harms of the vaccine, the importance of informed consent, and the need for randomized controlled trials to provide more reliable data. Additionally, we discuss the controversial topics of publication bias, the suppression of dissenting studies, and the need for a more ethical and responsible regulatory body. Join us as we unravel the complexities of this critical conversation and consider the future of vaccine policy and medical ethics…”

(start about 10:00. Severe adverse reactions starts about 20:00)

Were there no sledgehammers available?

US Army briefing to troops calls pro-life organizations ‘terrorist groups’

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FORT LIBERTY, North Carolina (LifeSiteNews) — Military officials under the Biden administration continue to teach that their peaceful political opponents are violent extremists, according to a report about a terrorism presentation given to U.S. Army members at Fort Liberty (the renamed Fort Bragg).

Sam Shoemate, an independent journalist and self-described “advocate for service members seeking justice,” posted to X/Twitter Wednesday evening a photograph of a slide he said was shown during an anti-terrorism briefing at Fort Bragg, right after one about the Islamist terror group ISIS.

The slide names the pro-life groups National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) and Operation Rescue (OR) as “terrorist groups,” characterized by their opposition to abortion and Roe v. Wade (misspelled “Row”). It lists various types of peaceful activism pro-life groups typically practice.

The bottom two bullet points are partially obscured, but “Bombing of Clinics” and “Attempted Murders” can be read. Left-wing activists have long attempted to tar pro-lifers as a whole with the rare violent acts of a few, which mainstream pro-life activists and organizations have always overwhelmingly condemned. Especially in recent years, pro-abortion violence has been far more common than anti-abortion violence, as admitted by FBI Director Christopher Wray in November 2022…