A Simple Plan… it just might work!

a simple plan
This could be just the ticket. stlouiscatholic.blogspot.com/…/captain-obvious-to-four-random-cardinals
Lure Benedict out of the Vatican with a few tasty liters of Paulaner Hefeweizen, pile up a stack of bibles, and ask him to solemnly declare that he freely and fully renounced the one and only Petrine Ministry.
Aside: Men drink liters of beer in Germany.  Especially in Bavaria.  Pints are for girls. If a man orders a pint in Bavaria, the entire bar/beer hall looks at him with disgust, while also hoping the girlyman does something to warrant the implementation of physical violence. Learned the hard way.
The plan from Saint Louis Catholic only falls short because I’m not sure even the dubia brothers are up for this. I’m afraid it’s up to us laymen. But wow, it is short, sweet, simple, and much needed.