Good grief: The Atlantic(!) demands Biden resign the Presidency…

Biden Must Resign

If the president wants to protect American democracy, he should hand over his office to Kamala Harris.

8 thoughts on “Good grief: The Atlantic(!) demands Biden resign the Presidency…”

  1. What a shock! The communists have suddenly discovered their senile, corrupt, degenerate avatar (and his various doubles) is incompetent! Cue the commie propaganda machine, time to create the necessary narrative in the minds of Boobus Americanus to ingest and regurgitate. What a farce, either way we get Israeli agents in charge of us.

  2. Kamala is no more mentally competent than Biden and she doesn’t even have the excuse of age. Lord help us!

    1. I think it’s doubtful the pant-suited ho from San Fransicko will be the one when Biden is put out to pasture. My bets are on Newsome because what’s good for California (sarcasm) is good for the country.

      Stay confessed and remember that Heaven is our true country.

      1. But if he resigns instead of dropping out, that ho will be the sitting POTUS and will hold all the campaign cash.

  3. I read an interesting take on the thinking housewife indicating that Trump will win. Why? So the dems can blame him for what they’re planning. Another plandemic, economic fallout, war… IF we have an election at all.

    1. Trump was to blame for the first pandemic. And for the bioweapon called a vaccine. Note the left is not blaming him. Why? They’re all in this together.

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