Even people who bought EVs don’t want them! 57% will dump and go back to gas powered.

Think about the implications of this for the faux green deal: 1. Anyone who wants an EV surely already has one, with all the subsidies and whatnot, 2. Tesla has poisoned the resale waters by slashing prices to move metal, and 3. The people who bought, want to dump! Good gravy, this is fantastic! -nvp

If You Don’t Want Buyer’s Remorse, Don’t Get An Electric Vehicle


4 thoughts on “Even people who bought EVs don’t want them! 57% will dump and go back to gas powered.”

  1. Anyone “paying attention” should have been questioning the legitimacy of the EV hype when they noticed the massive increase in “charging stations” at gas stations in certain places. I know I was.

    Why would the gas stations take up valuable pump space for something that isn’t common…unless they knew something (or recieved some financial remuneration for their efforts). No one cared about EV before Xiao Bei Den was installed, and it was only after “coincidental” risesnin gas prices.

  2. The massive “charger project”/Waste of Money can’t get off the ground. 75% of the projects cannot obtain sufficient electricity to charge several cars at once. The upgrades to both the on-property wiring AND the utility-feeds to said properties are not in place and not easily installed.


    The good news? EPA’s brand-new tailpipe-emissions regulations are likely to be zonked in a lawsuit following the SCOTUS decision on the Chevron Deference. So are the previous regs on the same issue.

    1. That SHOULD have been obvious to people. Say you have a gass station that had 1 station for EVs. Then, months later, they add 10 more stations. Where is that juice coming from? Logic would tell you that the grid wouldn’t have enough juice for all the EVs out there.

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