“The involvement of the United States, the direct involvement, as a result of which Russian civilians are killed, cannot be without consequences”

Remember, these are our rockets, under our control… they do not work without guidance from our satellites. Period. This is the United States bombing Russia. (Yes, Crimea is Russia). And saying that it was only “debris” that killed the women and children, because the Russians had already intercepted the missiles, is really unhelpful. This happened on Sunday, and there has been no comment from any U.S. official, which is astonishing even for this Regime. -nvp

Russian UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia on the Sevastopol attack: “The fact the US is directly involved in this crime is beyond any doubt. Washington and its allies encouraged their Neo-Nazi puppets in Kyiv to commit terrorist attacks against civilians.”

Russia summoned the U.S. ambassador and vowed retaliation Monday after blaming Washington for a deadly strike on a strategic port in occupied Crimea, claiming U.S.-supplied missiles were used in the attack.

The strike left at least four people dead and more than 150 injured in one of the biggest attacks on the Russian-annexed peninsula in recent months.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said four U.S.-provided Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) rockets, were intercepted over the city of Sevastopol, but fragments from the fifth rocket led to “numerous casualties among civilians” on the ground.

“All flight missions for the American ATACMS operational-tactical missiles are entered by American specialists based on U.S.’ own satellite reconnaissance data,” the ministry said in a statement. “Therefore, responsibility for the deliberate missile attack on civilians in Sevastopol lies primarily with Washington, which supplied these weapons to Ukraine, as well as the Kyiv regime, from whose territory this attack was launched.”


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  1. The Obama, One World Order goal is to destroy or severely diminish the US. Covid vaccines, open borders, lawlessness, Soros judges, and nuclear annihilation are all on the table.

    While most Americans were patting themselves on the back for electing a black president, that president laughed with delight.

    And before you talk about resisting, 90 percent of the country has at least one jab. They just have to wait as they replace us with illegals.

    1. They don’t have to wait too long. Illegals are pouring into Texas. They are all criminals just for being on US soil, but most are criminals in their own right. ALL are on welfare. This fact never gets mentioned. You hear the constant blather that they work, but stop and consider what they actually do versus how they live: most have extremely low paying cash only jobs and receive welfare and social services to the point where they have more discretionary money than citizens in households with two incomes. The women refuse to learn English. In Texas, they can get through life without any English at all. We are importing dependents who hate us and who will never assimilate.

      Over the last forty years I have known many illegal families as an ESL teacher. The number one reason they come here IN THEIR OWN WORDS is not for the mythical “better life.” It’s either because they want absolutely free medical care (especially for expensive procedures) or because they plan to get welfare, work for cash, and send money back to Mexico, then to retire there WHILE ALSO DRAWING SSI. This is on purpose, and I am sick at heart knowing everyone who speaks out is immediately censored.

      Unless you have first hand contact with them and speak to them (Spanish of course), it’s easy to pretend they are just great people humbly coming to work hard, blah, blah. Absolutely untrue.

      1. This is true. I have a sibling whose Mexican MIL never ever learned English, despite moving to Texas yrs ago, having her kids there, and dying there, over 50 years. You’d almost have to TRY to not learn the language in that span of time. But I have worked with Eastern europeans, and one German who were working in the US, owned property in their native countries, laughed smugly down on Americans, and bragged about how they were just in the US to make money, and “when the fighting starts” they planned on skedaddling back home. And then the haughty, upper class Indians who transfer their class ideas to the US, and Americans are their new untouchables. Very rude and superior acting. You could be talking on the phone with another doctor and they walk up and dictate orders and walk away. And doctors coming to the floor and expecting food to be prepared for them, or residents always strutting ahead of everyone in cafeteria lunch lines directly to the counter. Once I asked one, “why can’t you wait your turn in line like everyone else?” He became completely unhinged, stared at me in shock, mouth hanging open, and literally began shrieking “BEETCH!! BEEEETCHHH! And, increasingly, we have no option of an American physician, unless it is a DEI female, foreign or obviously racist black. Maybe if people stop attributing American motives and values onto these invaders we might stand a chance. They are not our friendies. They consider us beneath them, or “rich”, to leech off of.

  2. The American rulers would love a final pants down declaration of war and retaliation attack on a base, or better, the homeland itself, so that they can declare an Emergency, indefinitely postpone elections like Zelensky, and carry out extrajudicial activities against threats within the US population. Emergencies are great for forcing things to go their way!

    1. I saw an update that thia beach was not a target, but the Russians knocked it off trajectory, and it landed on the beach. Who knows?

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