Did Francis just call out Benedict for his failure to fully renounce the Petrine ministry?

From this morning’s homily:
“A shepherd must be ready to step down completely from his church, rather than leave in a partial manner” HERE
Go read the whole thing, then come back to that curious added phrase, “rather than leave in a partial manner.” Is that not the most interesting thing? 
One has to wonder whether Francis, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, understands that he just declared himself an anti-pope if indeed it is Benedict he is referring to here.
More on this later. 

6 thoughts on “Did Francis just call out Benedict for his failure to fully renounce the Petrine ministry?”

  1. It does look like Benedict is the one he’s referring to, but will we ever really know for sure? I think there are a lot of things about Francis and his ‘Papacy’ that we will never know. But you’re right, it’s a very telling statement indeed.

  2. RECAP OF ‘ST. GALEN MAFIA’ – At the launch of his new authorized biography Cardinal Danneels confessed to being part of a secret club of cardinals, a radical “mafia” reformist group opposed to Pope Benedict XVI. He called it a “mafia” club that bore the name of St. Gallen. The group wanted a drastic reform of the Church, to make it “much more modern”, and for Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) to head it.

    1. That seems the most plausible explanation at this point. Many have pointed out Francis expected to serve as Pope for four years or so, and that’s where we are.

  3. He has stacked those brave Cardinals with sycophants galore, so there will be no noticeable change from the idiocy that currently prevails. I’m

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